Can fast fashion slow down? Huong Vu October 16, 2023

Can fast fashion slow down?

Can fast fashion slow down?

Have you ever wondered, “Can fast fashion slow down?” In this post, we will define fast fashion, some sustainable concern with it, and answer the initial question. 

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion means items made fast to meet the needs of consumers regarding in-fashion and cheap clothes. Zara and H&M are some typical examples for this type of fashion that tends to completely oppose the principles of slow fashion and ethical clothing.

Environmental consequences

Over the last decade, clothing manufacturing has become twice as much as it used to be, but we only wear attires half as long. What is disappointing yet a matter of fact is that more than 80% of textiles wind up as garbage. Afterward, it takes countless years for these synthetic clothes to break down. During that time, they decay and produce greenhouse gasses. All in all, the worldwide fashion sector ‘excels’ the global shipping and flights combined in the ability to release a huge amount of CO2. 

Can fast fashion slow down?

Yes, it can slow down. But how? Read on for the following ways that will work:

Shift to sustainable fashion

You can choose to take sustainability as the core of your business principle. For instance, Bulgaria-based Bogdar has made all of its clothing with organic and recyclable fabrics to assist the worldwide efforts of decreasing waste. Another example is Baukjen located in London. Baukjen develops its brand based on a sustainable and ethical style, which is free of plastic, carbon-neutral, and net-zero. 

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Repair your attires

You can do it yourself or ask a seamstress for on-demand support. A well-known example is The Clothes Doctor, which provides repairs and offers customization. This service provider will get your attire, deliver it to a partner seamstress, and give it back all mended. The purpose of The Clothes Doctor is to help make an evolutionary shift from binned clothes to repaired ones. 

Repurpose clothing items

It is never hard to repurpose your torn or neglected clothing to breathe life into them. Just unleash your imagination and the possibilities become endless. For example, you can make cash purses, grocery bags, and reusable tissues. You can get inspired by Elspeth Jackson or other bloggers. These do such a good deed when assisting people in reusing their underloved outfits into attractive things such as fashionable and useful carpets.

Shop in second-hand shops to slow down fast fashion

You can easily become sustainable fashionistas by shopping in your local thrift, for example. For extra convenience, visit the online stores:

  • Flyp app platform: It focuses on connecting those with attires to sell with resellers and other users.
  • Vestiaire Collective: This is a famous online thrifting store for vintage and top-of-the-line fashion.
  • Poshmark: It is a comparable thrifting website that offers an app to make purchasing and selling clothing a walk in the park.   

In conclusion, fast fashion is a huge sector of inexpensive and disposable clothes. We encourage you to make use of the ways mentioned above to slow it down. Also, call us for more help.

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