Bigcommerce pos pricing 2024: Plan cost explained Huong Vu October 12, 2023

Bigcommerce pos pricing 2024: Plan cost explained

Bigcommerce pos pricing 2023: Plan cost explained

BigCommerce is a popular platform with many eCommerce retailers and its POS (point-of-sale) system is also widely favored. However, to consider using any software, users will also put in the criteria and cost is one of the top things to consider. In this article, we would like to give an overview of BigCommerce POS pricing 2024 with a detailed explanation of its plans for firms to consider using.

Overview of BigCommerce POS

BigCommerce is a leading open SaaS (Software as a service) solution for eCommerce businesses. It has empowered tens of thousands of sellers in over 150 countries to build, innovate and grow online businesses. BigCommerce POS is one of the solutions that support stores and brands. The platform’s POS software provides the full range of features to help your organization’s online website and brick-and-mortar store achieve the desired revenue. 

Bigcommerce POS pricing 2023: Plan cost explained

First of all, this BigCommerce platform is an option for e-commerce houses as it offers many powerful features, built-in apps, and sales tools. In addition, it continues to add new features and upgrade existing ones to enhance the customer experience. Therefore, BigCommerce is suitable for businesses that are growing fast and want to operate at scale.

When it comes to BigCommerce POS pricing 2023, it offers three service packages with three prices for different users with different needs. The BigCommerce Standard plan is the lowest-priced plan at $29 per month. It provides businesses with a website for selling products and blogging. At the same time, users have the ability to add an unlimited number of goods as well as employee accounts. BigCommerce Plus, besides, is the most popular of the BigCommerce plans at $75/month. This is an ideal solution to grow your business by providing powerful features for customer segmentation, abandoned cart saver, cart persistence, and stored credit cards. The service will help the store connect with customers and promote the use of its products. The BigCommerce Pro plan is offered for $299 per month and the support answers all the problems customers have with your firm. Users are also supported to scale their business with a comprehensive feature system.

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The three packages of BigCommerce POS pricing 2023 have changed compared to the previous one in terms of cost and features. While the cost has been reduced a bit, this provider has updated many features to increase competition compared to other platforms on the market.

Which plan is suitable for you?

To choose a suitable plan, in addition to the BigCommerce POS pricing 2023 mentioned above, business users also have to consider their size and select the feature package accordingly. Although the Standard plan is aimed at beginners, it is not basic as it has enough functionality (without any extra plugins) to run the e-store. However, it includes few eCommerce features for the organization. Plus, if your business’s annual revenue exceeds $50k, the BigCommerce Plus Plan will be the right choice. It is more complete and suitable for the store to expand to omnichannel solutions. And the Pro plan will be suitable when your store is getting bigger and bigger sales that exceed $400k. This package will help chain brands and large stores operate stably.


BigCommerce POS pricing 2023 comes with best-in-class service packages, offering a variety of user-specific support features to achieve great commercial benefits. If you are looking for assistance to connect with BigCommerce, feel free to contact us.

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