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Best POS Systems For Fashion Retail

POS Systems For Fashion Retail

Fashion is such an intuitive and time-sensitive kind of industry that it is always hard for retailers to keep up with the constant change in the customers’ preferences and buying patterns. Understanding the hardships that fashion retailers are undergoing, many technology companies have been developing a diversity of POS systems to meet the needs of businesses in the fashion industry particularly. In today’s article, we’ll present you with the best POS systems for fashion retail for your information!


ConnectPOS is one of the best cloud-based POS software for omnichannel retailers. With its vast range of features and flexibility, ConnectPOS can fulfill all business types’ distinct needs and demands, especially fashion and accessory brands. This POS system is deemed user-friendly and well-functioning, yet economical and easy to scale up as your apparel store grows. Additionally, with it always trying to keep the technology at the forefront, ConnectPOS offers business owners and operators many technologically advanced features. 

Moreover, if you’re selling at locations that require more flexibility, such as a local fair or a trade show, ConnectPOS can actively support you with a mobile POS system. The mobile version works well on any mobile device and alike regardless of the operating system (iOS or Android). There are a few outstanding features to clothing stores offered by ConnectPOS, which are:

  • Product management
    • Easily add, edit, or remove products in ConnectPOS.
    • Easily set up and control your products and stock.
    • Structure your products with images, prices, and key color, style, material, or size variations.
    • Transfer stock between stores.
    • Offer various fulfillment options, including click-and-collect.
    • Enable custom sales, allowing customized clothing items to be sold with a breeze.
  • The ConnectPOS PWA consumer app
    • Allow customers to explore all item information and product variations by scanning item barcodes.
    • Up-sell and cross-sell with in-app product recommendations triggered by AI.
    • Let customers check-out themselves to speed up the process.

Self check-out with the ConnectPOS PWA consumer app

  • Leading integration
    • Offer many payment methods supported by leading payment gateways (Paypal, iZettle, Moneris, etc.).
    • Boost customers’ loyalty and with integrated Aheadworks Reward Points and Gift cards.
    • Take your inventory and logistics management capability to the next level with Boost My Shop and DHL.
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Vend POS

Vend is a retail POS system that is famous among business verticals. Its POS features are specifically designed to meet clothing stores’ needs and facilitate apparel shops’ success. Vend is fast, user-friendly, and versatile. It’s easy to scale and manage your entire operation with Vend. It’s convenient for fashion brands’ to connect the POS system to their online and offline stores and manage everything from one convenient system.

The features that make Vend POS stand out are its excellent customer management and robust inventory management which is essential for all clothing stores. Additionally, its multi-location capabilities are well-designed and helpful. Below are some other key features that make Vend an ideal POS system for clothing brands. 

  • Expand business reach
    • Sell your products on every channel without creating extra admin work.
    • Integrate with the leading e-commerce, marketplace, and mobile platforms that seamlessly share real-time data in the cloud.
  • Create a customer-centric business
    • Manage loyalty programs and rewards points compiled right into the customers’ profiles.
    • Aggregate customers’ purchase histories in the same customers’ profiles, making it easier for retailers to deliver a personalized customer experience.
    • Collect shoppers’ details and send relevant promotions. 
    • Drive a steady flow of repeat traffic.
  • Sell in multiple locations
    • Sell from anywhere on any device as Vend works in a web browser or iPad app
    • Equip retailers with powerful back-office tools, like customer management, staff targets, inventory, and accounting software
    • Manage and track data from every clothing store remotely

RetailEdge POS

RetailEdge POS is best for small-to-mid-sized clothing stores. Generally, the most outstanding feature of the POS system is the powerful inventory functionality, which includes over 25 inventory features itself alone.

Even better, RetailEdge is highly flexible and offers plenty of features at a fraction of the price compared to its competitors. There are a few features that are particularly meaningful to fashion retailers such as customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. This feature is critically important to clothing stores because this kind of business is all about repeat customers. Below are the details of the standout features of RetailEdge POS system supporting fashion stores:

  • Powerful CRM capabilities
    • Detailed customer profiles including information like purchase histories, product interests, and personal data allowing store assistants to suggest upsell options
    • All customer data collected from each store location are added to the same profile
    • Personalized discount pricing for each customer
    • Customer birthday tracking
    • House account, store credit, and account invoicing
    • Customer email capabilities
    • Loyalty and rewards programs
    • Gift card management
    • Customer forums that enable customers to share best practices
  • Multi-location POS
    • Sync all of your sales and inventory data back to your central POS system
    • Let retailers check in on sales reporting while offsite and view revenue numbers for all stores combined
    • Sync purchase data of a single customer across multiple locations to deliver an even better customer experience
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Free Trail

ShopKeep POS

ShopKeep is a favorite among all types of businesses as it provides different POS solutions for each type to meet their needs. Particularly, ShopKeep’s mobile POS which is an iPad-based POS for clothing stores, delivers meaningful and handy features that facilitate the growth and expansion of clothing stores. People tend to talk about its robust inventory functionality, including custom fields for unique items and inventory matrices to streamline stock management. However, what makes ShopKeep POS a favorable POS system for fashion retailers are:

  • User-friendly interface
    • Easy to use and set up.
    • Offer various options to customize the system to meet your needs
    • Provide insight into trends and performance through powerful reporting
  • E-commerce
    • Empower business owners to build their own websites with the system’s drag-and-drop website builder and pre-designed templates.
    • Offer various delivery methods like shipping products to customers’ front door or allow customers to pick them up in-store.
    • Apply discounts to online items.
    • Manage orders placed online.
    • Update in real-time payments, inventory, sales, etc. each time you sell an item online.
  • Marketing kit
    • Offer cart abandonment emails that are automatically sent to online shoppers who leave your site with items in their cart
    • Integrate with email marketing plugins, loyalty programs, and gift card management
    • Capture customer data like email addresses during checkout, store them in your database, and use them for demand generation marketing campaigns

Rain POS

Rain is a cloud-based POS system and integrated website. This POS stands out as a POS system for clothing stores thanks to its vast set of features offered at the affordable price it charges, which very few POS solution providers can do. It’s not the sheer volume of features the system delivers that differentiates it from other POS solutions. It’s the fact that every feature is available to all users.

  • Add products with a breeze
    • Add a product to your website and shops at the same time easily by entering the product’s title, add an image a description, and scanning or creating the product’s barcode
    • Set the inventory amount and other details you want for each product, then select if you want to add it to your POS, website, or both
  • Automated marketing tools
    • Email a customer who hasn’t bought anything in 60-90 days to remind them.
    • Give customers coupons that are due within that week or month only
    • Send out email alerts about sale items, restocking, and other promotions.
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As we presented you with the 5 best POS systems for fashion retail, we hope that you can acknowledge the benefits of a POS system to the clothing stores and find yourself the best one to fulfill your fashion brands’ needs and demands. You haven’t found one? Don’t worry, now you have!We, ConnectPOS, are proud to be one of the best cloud-based POS software for your fashion brands and any business you’re running. Our POS is technologically advanced, feature-rich, and compatible with many devices and e-commerce platforms to ensure your apparel shops’ success. Believe it or not, such a POS system exists and won’t disappoint you! Well, action speaks louder than words! Contact us now, or book your 14-day free trial to experience our globally standard product!

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