Add personal touch to your sales receipt Huong Vu October 16, 2023

Add personal touch to your sales receipt

Add personal touch to your sales receipt

When generating a sale for your store, you need to record it. Thanks to receipts, you have got proof of successful transactions. Below, we specify how to customize sales receipt to add a personal touch to it aside from what it is and its benefits. 

Sales Receipt: What is it?

Sales receipts are transaction records issued by your salesperson when a sale gets processed. This helps to verify the service or goods sold as well as the quantity of money paid by the purchaser. You will generally count on these receipts for stock control  as well as tax calculation. When it comes to your shoppers, they are able to utilize them for accounting or reimbursement intentions.

The sales receipts usually contain the information such as:

  • The name of your business along with its phone number and location
  • Description of service or goods
  • Price
  • Number of transaction
  • Sale time & date
  • Tax, in case necessary

Benefits of customizing receipt

It proves how you care

In case you provide a bland sales receipt, you are likely to indirectly leave a negative impression on your shoppers. For example, they may think that you pay the least attention to them. Yet, in case you customize sales receipt, you will obviously show that you take all of the steps of the shopper’s buying experience seriously. Also, it shows that you care much about even the smallest details.

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Customize sales receipt for advertising with zero cost

This is often a very affordable and effective way of print marketing. When you add a personal touch to the receipts, you are able to have direct communication with your shoppers. At the same time, there will be no considerable extra expense incurred.

How to customize sales receipt

ConnectPOS supports customizing the receipt in an easy way. For your information, ConnectPOS is a top POS software provider with outstanding solutions. To customize the receipt within the point of sale, you cannot miss out on checking out the steps specified by this point of sale software provider. They are easy to follow. Also, you may want to refer to the following tips to add a personal touch to your receipts well.

Make your shoppers stay updated with the most current news

For example, you have successfully come up with a new menu. Is there any new inventory update? If so, you can make your shoppers stay informed about them by updating the sale receipt footer. Furthermore, you have the option to leverage this space to let shoppers know about fixed opening hours. Also, you can utilize it for any other adjustments to your services.

Provide discounts and the like

A report shows that over 85% of customers get impacted by coupons. For example, these encourage them to select among stores they purchase. When you customize sales receipt, especially its footer, you are able to make a quick makeover of the receipts into attractive special offers.

ConnectPOS helps customize sales receipt easily and smoothly. Feel free to call us for more help.

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