The actual benefits of WooCommerce point of sale

Having a trusted POS system makes running your online store easier. Particularly what are the actual benefits of WooCommerce point of sale? Read here for the best answer.

The benefits of WooCommerce point of sale for your store

According to statistics, more than 27% of online stores are powered by WooCommerce. WooCommerce It is great at building in commerce with content management; that is why you can create and manage your eCommerce stores the way you want. 

In this sense, an adaptable POS solution is always welcomed. It can assist in taking your online store to the next level and give you the flexibility to operate your unique stores efficiently and effectively. Operating both physical and online shops has never been more effortless. 

The benefits of WooCommerce point of sale for your employees

Your employees are among the most crucial factors of your business operation. A good POS should offer insightful reporting on HR performance, with regular insights into which staff has the top performance. Besides, you can make use of the POS system to set sales goals for your employees. For example, set custom objectives for each staff to reach each month to increase sales.

What is more? The intuitive WooCommerce point of sale display can help out a lot with making employees feel comfortable and assured when selling. The customization and simplicity offered by the right POS solution also equate to your reduced time for training your employees. 

The benefits of WooCommerce point of sale for your customers

The customer database afforded by a decent POS system will allow you to add new customers instantaneously right at the POS. Thanks to the customer data management system, you have a complete view of receipt and transaction history and boost your business’ income by selling smarter. By making use of information related to customers visiting your shop and repeating their purchases, you can build and cement relationships with them and develop personalized omnichannel experiences for them.

In addition, with the loyalty program settings, you can use discounts and all sorts of similar ways to reward your customers. It is a big perk of using the right POS solution. 

If you are wondering which WooCommerce point of sale system you should trust, we would suggest ConnectPOS known as a global-awarded POS tailor-made for WooCommerce. It lets you updates stocks, purchases, and products between offline and online platforms in real-time, offering a smooth retail business operation. Some of the outstanding features of ConnectPOS include:

– Working with mobile devices and PCs as well.

– Real-time data sync between WooCommerce and point of sale system. 

– Developing a customizable point of sale system for your business

– Loyalty program settings

– Generate tons of reports on HR, product, and sales performance

– Support PWA Customer App 

– Support 2nd screen for customers

– Support offline mode

In conclusion, we hope that this post helps you understand better the actual benefits of WooCommerce’s point of sale. For more information and support, reach us. We are ready 24/7 to help you. 

Lana D

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