7 Best POS for Woocommerce [2024] ConnectPOS Content Creator January 7, 2024

7 Best POS for Woocommerce [2024]

best pos for woocommerce

Discover the latest and most effective tools for enhancing your WooCommerce store with our comprehensive information about the best POS for Woocommerce. Whether you prioritize robust reporting, multi-store support, or unique payment options, this curated list guides you through the top POS plugins tailored for WooCommerce, empowering your business for success in 2024.

The Benefits Of Using The Best POS For Woocommerce

Integrating the best POS for Woocommerce can significantly elevate the efficiency and success of your business operations. Here’s a comprehensive look at the multifaceted benefits that come with utilizing the best POS for WooCommerce:

  • Efficiency in Transaction Processing: A top-notch POS system streamlines and expedites the checkout process, contributing to a seamless and efficient transaction experience. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also optimizes the operational flow of your business.
  • Precision in Inventory Management: The best POS for Woocommerce offers advanced inventory management features, providing real-time updates and precise control over stock levels. This level of accuracy is crucial for preventing stockouts, minimizing errors, and maintaining optimal inventory control.
  • Omnichannel Support for Versatility: Elevate your business’s flexibility by choosing a POS system that seamlessly integrates both online and offline sales channels. According to Statista, 45 percent of retailers have begun investing in omnichannel, unified commerce solutions. This omnichannel support ensures a unified shopping experience for customers across various touchpoints.
  • Enhanced Staff Management Tools: A comprehensive POS solution empowers your staff with tools for streamlined operations. From user management to robust reporting features, it facilitates informed decision-making and efficient staff training, contributing to overall operational excellence.
  • Support for Diverse Payment Options: The best POS for Woocommerce accommodates various payment methods, catering to the diverse preferences of your customers. Whether it’s credit cards, digital wallets, or alternative payment modes, a versatile POS system ensures a smooth and inclusive checkout process.
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your business performance through detailed reporting and analytics features offered by advanced POS systems. Accessing data on sales, inventory trends, and customer behavior allows for strategic decision-making and business optimization.
  • Implementation of Customer Loyalty Programs:  According to the poll results, 52 percent of U.S. shoppers expressed a willingness to boost their involvement in loyalty programs. Enhance customer loyalty by utilizing integrated loyalty programs offered by advanced POS systems. Attributes like gift cards and reward systems play a pivotal role in elevating customer engagement and satisfaction, and fostering long-term retention.
  • Seamless Integration with WooCommerce Platform: The best POS systems seamlessly integrate with the WooCommerce platform, ensuring a cohesive synchronization of your online and offline operations. This integration facilitates a comprehensive management approach, making it easier to oversee your entire business ecosystem.
  • User-Friendly Interface for Enhanced Experience: Elevate the experience for both customers and staff with a user-friendly POS interface. An intuitive design minimizes training requirements, reduces errors, and contributes to a smoother operation on the shop floor.
  • Reliable Offline Functionality for Uninterrupted Operations: Opt for a POS system that offers reliable offline functionality, allowing your business to continue operating seamlessly even in the absence of an internet connection. This feature adds an extra layer of reliability to your day-to-day operations.

Overall, the decision to invest in the best POS for WooCommerce transcends mere transaction facilitation. It becomes a strategic asset for your business, offering a wide array of benefits that contribute to improved efficiency, heightened customer satisfaction, and overall business success.

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Top 7 Best POS Plugins For Woocommerce In 2024

Explore the top 7 best POS Plugins for WooCommerce in 2024, each offering unique features to enhance your retail operations. Evaluate these plugins to find the perfect fit for your WooCommerce store in 2024.


ConnectPOS stands out as one of the best WooCommerce POS plugins, trusted by over 2000 businesses to deliver powerful and feature-rich solutions for seamless omnichannel retail experiences. The ConnectPOS WooCommerce POS system comes equipped with a multitude of outstanding features designed to enhance overall business performance. Let’s discover the key features of this cloud-based system.

ConnectPOS boasts notable system highlights, ensuring adaptability and convenience for businesses. It is compatible with both PC (Windows & macOS) and mobile devices (iOS & Android), allowing users to seamlessly transition between devices based on their hardware preferences. The system excels in real-time synchronization, empowering users with the ability to manage operations from any location at any given time. 

Furthermore, ConnectPOS is the best POS for Woocommerce which operates seamlessly in both online and offline modes, providing offline capabilities that enable businesses to conduct sales transactions even in areas with limited or no internet access. This versatility enhances the overall efficiency and accessibility of the ConnectPOS system.

In Payments and Checkout, ConnectPOS ensures a streamlined 3-step checkout process, providing ease in adding items, selecting payment methods, and completing purchases. Enjoy flexibility with multiple payment options and gateways, barcode scanning for inventory management, and customized receipt templates for enhanced brand recognition. Multicurrency support caters to global operations, while the custom sales feature allows the sale of out-of-stock items by adding them to the cart, ensuring a seamless checkout experience.

In the domain of inventory and store management, ConnectPOS offers efficient solutions. Businesses can seamlessly manage multiple stores and warehouses through the Multi-Store and Multi-Warehouse Management features. Automatic real-time updates for inventory and orders enhance operational precision, providing businesses with current insights. The Store Operator Management feature allows easy tracking of store operators, offering information on Total Cash Adjustment In and Out, Total Cash Amount, and more for effective monitoring and control.

ConnectPOS simplifies Order and Customer Management with a streamlined Click-and-Collect method for online orders and in-store transactions. It facilitates easy order editing and customer database additions. Additionally, Loyalty Program Integration allows customers to earn and redeem rewards seamlessly, fostering increased engagement and loyalty.

In summary, ConnectPOS offers a comprehensive and sophisticated POS solution tailored for WooCommerce, providing businesses with the tools and capabilities needed for efficient, customer-centric retail operations.

Oliver POS

Oliver POS, a WooCommerce POS plugin, is crafted to streamline omnichannel retail operations for businesses. This cloud-based POS solution seamlessly syncs with your WooCommerce store, allowing store owners to manage both their online and physical stores efficiently. 

Upon installation, Oliver POS grants access to customer data, online orders, and inventory management on your existing devices, facilitating effortless synchronization across online, retail, and warehouse platforms. The plugin not only simplifies inventory management but also offers built-in reports for tracking performance and optimizing business operations. 

As the best POS for Woocommerce, it includes customer reports, payments reports, sales insights, summaries, and inventory reports. Oliver POS provides a free Starter plan for one employee with support for one register and location, and additional paid plans start from $19.99 per month (billed annually).

Point of Sale System for WooCommerce 

Webkul’s Point of Sale System for WooCommerce stands as a premium WooCommerce POS plugin, offering a seamless blend of both online and offline support. To enable offline functionality, users can easily install the dedicated Chrome extension. 

This versatile plugin allows the creation of unlimited physical locations and agents, empowering agents with capabilities such as adding customer details, applying discounts, manual product additions, and efficient currency switching. The user-friendly interface, built with React, ensures a smooth experience, as demonstrated in the example above, and a comprehensive demo is available for exploration.

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With the Point of Sale System for WooCommerce, you can manage multiple carts, including the option to hold a cart for later use. Payment acceptance is flexible, accommodating both cash and card transactions, with the added convenience of splitting payments between the two methods. 

Priced at $99 with standard Envato licensing, which includes lifetime updates for a single site and six months of support (extendable with an additional payment for one year of support), this plugin offers a cost-effective and feature-rich solution for WooCommerce users. The inclusion of lifetime updates further solidifies its position as the top choice for WooCommerce POS solutions.

Hike POS

In contrast to the preceding three plugins, Hike POS distinguishes itself as a standalone POS service that goes beyond being a dedicated WooCommerce POS plugin. While it offers a dedicated WooCommerce integration, Hike POS provides a comprehensive range of services independently. Through its WooCommerce integration, users can effortlessly synchronize product catalogs, inventory, orders, customer profiles, and more.

The Hike POS system is one of the best POS for Woocommerce which operates seamlessly on iPad, PC, and Mac (with no Android tablet app available). It features a swift interface that functions both online and offline, supporting efficient barcode scanning during transactions. At the point of checkout, cashiers can easily apply discounts and process credit card payments, and the system uniquely supports the issuance of gift cards.

Additional noteworthy features include refund processing, staff access PINs for access management, detailed analytics, and multi-store support. While Hike POS offers a sleek and feature-rich package, it comes with a higher price tag. Plans commence at $59 per month (billed annually) or $69 per month (billed monthly), positioning it as the most expensive WooCommerce POS system on this list. Curious users can explore the system with a 14-day free trial.


wePOS, a widely-used WooCommerce POS plugin, is available in both a free version with limited features and premium versions offering more comprehensive functionalities. With the premium edition, users can add unlimited physical locations, each equipped with an unrestricted number of “counters” – analogous to separate checkout points or devices. 

Cashiers utilizing the system can conveniently select their location and counter upon logging in. The well-designed interface features a grid layout and a rapid Ajax search, aiding cashiers in swiftly locating products, including variable items. wePOS supports multiple carts simultaneously through a tab-based cart management system, providing efficiency for cashiers.

This plugin allows for the acceptance of orders through both cash and credit card transactions. Upon order processing, the option to print out customizable physical receipts is available. 

Additional features include offline support, tax calculations, a secure login panel for cashiers, and compatibility with barcode scanners. The free version permits payment processing via cash, albeit with some limitations. For more advanced capabilities, the paid version begins at $199 and is suitable for use on a single site.


When it comes to the best POS for Woocommerce , OpenPOS, a widely embraced WooCommerce POS plugin, facilitates seamless data synchronization between your eCommerce website and physical store. This versatile plugin supports multiple outlets, registers, and barcode scanner devices, offering flexibility in various business environments. Cashiers can efficiently scan product barcodes or manually input details using the product’s name or SKU. 

OpenPOS also accommodates weight-based pricing, coupons, and discounts, catering to diverse business needs in retail stores, cafes, gyms, pubs, hospitals, and supermarkets. Tailored modes, such as the Cafe/Restaurant Mode, provide specific features like table management and a kitchen view screen.

A notable addition is the progressive web app for desktops, enhancing the ease of use for service workers utilizing the POS system. Other standout features include checkout with multi-payment methods for split payments, touchless order processing, and comprehensive transaction and sales reports. The OpenPOS plugin, available for $64, offers a single-site license, making it an efficient and feature-rich solution for businesses seeking robust point-of-sale capabilities.

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FooSales stands out as a versatile and best POS for Woocommerce, presenting both a web version and dedicated tablet apps compatible with both iOS and Android. The inclusion of tablet apps, along with offline mode functionality, makes it an appealing choice for businesses utilizing tablets in their POS setup. 

Cashiers benefit from product addition options through searches or barcode scanning, and customer details can be efficiently managed and synced with WooCommerce directly from the POS interface.

Diverse payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and debit cards, are supported, with the ability to apply coupons and calculate taxes seamlessly. WooCommerce receipts can be emailed to customers, and for added convenience, physical receipts can be printed using supported hardware in conjunction with tablet apps. The POS system also enables cashiers to process refunds effortlessly.

A distinctive feature of FooSales is its compatibility with the separate FooEvents plugin for WooCommerce, allowing businesses to sell and manage event tickets seamlessly. 

For those interested in trying it out, FooSales offers a 30-day full-featured free trial with no credit card required. Post the trial period, the paid plans commence at $15 per month, positioning it as a slightly higher-priced option compared to some one-time payment plugins.

What Is the Best WooCommerce POS Plugin?

Determining the best POS for Woocommerce depends on various factors, including the specific needs and preferences of your business. 

ConnectPOS is recognized for its comprehensive feature set and seamless omnichannel support. Oliver POS stands out for its integration capabilities, seamlessly merging online and physical stores. Hike POS, while not exclusively a WooCommerce POS plugin, offers extensive compatibility and robust features. wePOS provides an economical and visually appealing solution, and Vend delivers a powerful, versatile retail experience.

OpenPOS is praised for its synchronization capabilities and user-friendly interface, while FooSales offers versatility with dedicated tablet apps and offline mode. The best choice depends on your business requirements, such as inventory management, payment methods, and integration capabilities. It’s recommended to evaluate each plugin’s features, pricing, and user reviews to find the one that aligns most closely with your unique needs.

FAQs About The Best POS For Woocommerce

This set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) delves into key aspects, from the necessity of the best WooCommerce POS for every WooCommerce store to considerations for securing customer data and the importance of a trial period when selecting a suitable WooCommerce POS system.

Is a POS System Necessary for Every WooCommerce Store?

While not mandatory, a POS system can significantly enhance the operations of a WooCommerce store, especially for businesses with physical locations. It streamlines transactions, inventory management, and overall customer experience.

What Qualities Contribute to WooCommerce Being a Strong eCommerce Platform?

WooCommerce stands out due to its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, scalability, and seamless integration with WordPress. These qualities make it a robust and versatile choice for eCommerce businesses.

Which Additional Plugins Should Be Considered for Use with WooCommerce?

Depending on specific business needs, consider plugins such as Yoast SEO for optimization, WooCommerce Subscriptions for subscription services, and Stripe or PayPal for diverse payment options. The choice depends on your unique requirements.

How Can I Ensure the Security of Customer Data with a WooCommerce POS System?

Prioritize a secure hosting environment, regularly update WooCommerce and plugins, implement SSL certificates for encrypted transactions, and choose a reputable payment gateway. Following these measures enhances the security of customer data.

Why Is a Trial Period Important When Choosing the Best POS for a Woocommerce System?

A trial period allows you to assess the compatibility and effectiveness of the POS system for your specific business. It provides hands-on experience, ensuring that the chosen system aligns with your operational needs before committing.

Whether addressing the necessity of such systems, exploring the strengths of WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform, or understanding the additional plugins and security measures involved, these FAQs provide valuable insights to guide businesses in making informed decisions for seamless and secure retail operations.


As we navigate the dynamic world of e-commerce in 2024, these 7 best POS for Woocommerce emerge as invaluable tools for businesses seeking efficiency and flexibility. Consider your specific business needs, evaluate the offerings, and choose the one that aligns seamlessly with your WooCommerce store, ensuring a smooth and optimized retail experience for the year ahead. If you require additional information or have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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