Top 5+ trusted POS devices in South Africa

Discovering the best POS devices South Africa for your business is time-consuming. That is why we did some digging and put together this ultimate list of the top 5+ trusted POS devices in the country.


2015 saw the company’s introduction of a mobile card acceptance offering with a reasonably priced pay-per-use (PPU) transaction-based model. As they do not charge fixed rental fees by month, businesses that could not afford conventional card terminals in the past see it as a good bet. Also, Yoco App allows you to operate your stores from your smartphone. It is easy to check and monitor the sales history of your business in the online business portal. 

POS devices South Africa: Wappoint

You can buy Wappoint POS outright. Else, rely on its rental option. One of its best features is the ultimate online reporting tool. With this POS, you can access insightful CSV reporting, for example, the transactional history. It also assists you in accepting eCommerce card payments.


One of the best POS devices in South Africa, Ikhokha’s POS and inventory control system help with keeping your stores’ inventory, HR, and suppliers in check. Also, it enables automatic backups 3 times daily.

Vodapay Max

It provides a rental option for its products such as QR codes and POS. The device accepts global and local payments, and phone or other additional devices are unnecessary to activate or leverage the point of sale system. A complete view of transactions is one of the best features of Vodapay Max. Also, multiple users are granted access to the portal, for example, cashiers and managers. Another cool feature is that the device gives you options such as the capability of processing refunds.

InTouch POS

It is among the most reliable POS devices in South Africa as well. Its products are hardware and software. The setup and training are likewise accessible. For companies who capitalize on the mPOS, they can leverage Android tablets and stuff, or current Mac or PC, and the point of sale can also run offline. 

POS devices South Africa: Clover

A big perk of Clover hardware is how simple it is to install and start running. Even better, all the things synchronize smoothly with the Clover dashboard. It is safe to state that Clover is an ultimate point-of-sale solution that enables business owners to take care of their business from anywhere. Feel free to make use of the Clover Go app for various purposes, for example, order creation, payment acceptance, and receipt texting to customers. 

Honorable mention: ConnectPOS

We make ConnectPOS an honorable mention here because it is not only one of the best POS systems in South Africa but also around the world. ConnectPOS runs on many devices (PC and mobile devices) and boasts real-time synchronization. It integrates with multiple worldwide payment solution suppliers, for instance, Flutterwave and Paystack to make sure that you get payments as fast and securely as possible.

In conclusion, for those wondering which POS devices South Africa are reliable, this list of top 5+ trusted POS devices in South Africa should be a good answer. For further information and support, reach us.

Lana D

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