Why Commercetools Postman Collections are better than their Impex API Playground ConnectPOS Content Creator February 21, 2024

Why Commercetools Postman Collections are better than their Impex API Playground

Commercetools Postman

Postman is a tool that allows users to manipulate API (Application Programming Interface), most commonly REST (Representational state transfer). This is currently one of the most popular tools used in testing APIs. Besides, it also enables saving the history of requests, which is very convenient for reuse when needed. In this article, we would like to introduce the Commercetools Postman tool and show why its collections are better than their Impex API playground.

Overview of Commercetools Postman Collections and their Impex API Playground

Commercetools Postman refers to a desktop application for API development. Using this tool, businesses can easily send requests to the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) API, store those templates, and share them with others who can be employees or customers. API references and includes all supported endpoints as well as updates actions with sample content. To automate routine tasks, collections automatically manage commonly required values ​​and parameters, such as authentication security, resource IDs (identification), keys, and versions in environment variables postman for your organization. The available postman collections include Platform API, Import, and Machine Learning. 

Meanwhile, Commercetools API Playground is diverse with many functions geared towards creating commerce experiences to connect points in its business ecosystem easily and quickly.

Benefits of Commercetools Postman Collections 

Commercetools Postman Collection provides many benefits to businesses through making API requests without any development effort. It will be easy for a business to run its organization from creating customers and products to creating purchase orders. This collection works with minimal technical knowledge without coding. Coding is an extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive job, so using this support will reduce technical problems as quickly and economically as possible. In addition, the tool can be used right after building a project to help eCommerce organizations operate and get revenue immediately. What’s more, businesses will be able to explore API endpoints to gain an overview of how their business is performing. At the same time, they can combine and use other services to ensure the most seamless operation. This repository contains the Postman Collection that covers requests and responses for most composable commerce endpoints. For each request, the smallest possible payload and optional fields can be found in the relevant official documentation. This helps businesses to store important data. Besides, collections provide sample requests and responses for specific tasks and more complex data models. You can easily expand your business if you desire.

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Why Commercetools Postman Collections Are Better Than Their Impex API Playground

The difference that makes Commercetools postman collections better than their Impex API playground is probably its ability to persist with submitted requests. Moreover, compared to the API playground, this tool from Commercetools has the ability to test HTTP response status, support debugging through the console which can help you check the exported data and support creating tests with checkpoints, and determine the status of a successful HTTP response. Through the process of using the collection, the tests will run in iterations. This helps save time for the business and supports the organization to grow and maintain in the long run.


Commercetools Postman is a tool that offers more benefits than its API because it supports more seamless add-ons. If you need help connecting to this collection, contact us.

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