When the legal sector goes digital Huong Vu October 16, 2023

When the legal sector goes digital

When the legal sector goes digital

Legal is a large industry that has always received much attention from society so far. Along with the strong development of technology and digital, legal has also been digitized and become legal technology. This is a big business and increasingly brings high economic value to enterprises. In this article, we would like to provide you with more information about legal tech. 

Legal tech is the application of technologies from artificial intelligence to blockchain technology to provide and support more effective legal services as well as help businesses solve regulatory issues and compliance more effectively. This is also known as technology in the field of legal (law technology) and regulatory technology (electronic technology).

Enabler technologies

Enabler technologies are technologies that handle the digitization of legal data. This type is responsible for data security, cloud data encryption and connectivity.

Support process solutions

Support process solutions are suitable for office work, accounting, business development, human resources, record and document management. This includes two main solutions which are integrated solution and point solution.

Substantive law technology

Substantive law technology is a type of legal tech that is more about analysis and application to each specific thing. Legal technology companies of this type typically provide basic and advanced support as well as commodity law solutions for actual litigation and case analysis.

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Better transparency

Legal tech has brought about better transparency than the traditionally opaque way the industry operates. With legal digitization, clients can have a clear view of their case progress, fees and other pertinent information. This helps the company save time and human resources compared to the traditional way of having to follow up and answer customers at every step. This attracts customers because they seem to be proactive in every way.

Better use of resources

With legal technologies, businesses or companies will save human resources by using less manpower in manual jobs. Today’s human resources can be redeployed to larger or more important tasks or even deployed to learn and foster customer relationships. For example, instead of being in charge of monotonous document management, lawyers can spend more time doing legal research, in court sessions where they can learn from or visit clients.

Faster processing and time management with fewer error

The application of legal tech will help businesses process faster and manage time. When used correctly, technologies are more effective than the best workers. Especially, the use of AI in providing research results and analyzing documents will take place in milliseconds. What used to take days to complete can now be done in minutes. In addition, legal tech helps files with fewer errors. Errors can be costly, especially when documents are already filed with the court. So, mistakes will be limited.

ConnectPOS is a great tool in assisting legal tech companies. This tool makes the legal digitization of businesses easier, and the management and recording of legal records will also become less stressful.

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Legal tech is an effective solution to help the legal profession’s digitalization become much faster and more accurate. 

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