What Do You Need To Start A Wholesale Business? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 19, 2023

What Do You Need To Start A Wholesale Business?

Start A Wholesale Business

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start your own wholesale business, this article might be the right one for you. Being a wholesaler brings you various benefits, including having access to a diverse range of outlets and allowing you to reach a large customer base. Today, we will cover all the basic steps of how to start a wholesale business and excel in it. 

What Is A Wholesale Business?

Before starting a wholesale business, let’s first look into its nature. Wholesaling is buying goods in bulk directly from manufacturers or distributors and then selling them in smaller quantities to retailers. When purchasing many products, the wholesalers usually get special discounts or overall much cheaper prices. 

The goods will then be stored in a warehouse, waiting to be sold to retailers with a considerably higher price per item. The difference between the prices when buying the goods and selling them out is how wholesalers earn profits. In general, wholesalers are the mediators between manufacturers and retailers, putting them in the middle of the supply chain. 

How To Start A Wholesale Business? 

Identify Your Market

To start a wholesale business, the first and foremost step on the business plan is to know who your target market is and identify the target industry, which manufacturers or suppliers you want to work with, and who are retailers you want to sell your goods to. 

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At the same time, wholesalers need to research their competitors, their products, the scale of business, qualities of service, and every aspect involved to determine what factors you have that differentiate you and them.  

Choose The Location For Your Office And Warehouse

Locations are the next thing on the list to start a wholesale business. Choosing your location in wholesaling is less complicated than in retailing as you don’t need to be present where the most traffic happens, which is usually costly and crowded. Decoration and advertising to attract customers are also not necessary anymore. Instead, an empty space that is big enough to hold your stock is all that you need for a wholesale business model. 

When looking for a location to start a wholesale business, determining exactly how much space you need will depend entirely on the goods you intend to sell. For instance, if you are running a shoes and clothing store, then space would be much smaller than when you are selling furniture. Another important thing wholesalers should keep in mind is that when first starting the business, you might not go big right at the beginning. It is highly recommended to start small and build yourself up. The space you choose for your warehouse should put this situation under consideration as well. 

Find Your Suppliers

Once identifying your market and having a location in mind, finding suppliers who are willing to appoint you as their wholesale dealer is the next step in starting a wholesale business. Some manufacturers require wholesalers to meet sales targets. Examining this aspect carefully is a must when choosing suppliers to match your selling ability. 

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Build A Website

Going online is an excellent decision when starting a wholesale business. In this digital world, the majority of wholesalers can be found online and transactions are made virtually. Having a website is a great way to attract both end consumers and retailers. It could be an effective method for you to promote and execute a branding strategy. As a result, your manufacturers would be impressed and proactive coming to you for business rather than you running after them. The website might also attract retailers who might be interested in selling your products.  

Know The Return Policies Of Different Manufacturers

When storing a large number of goods in your warehouse, there is a high chance that some of the goods can be defected, or broken. Wholesalers should check out the policies for different manufacturers, including their support policies in returning products. After-sales service policies are another factor to put into consideration as well. 

Before working with the manufacturers and buying products from them, the two parties must define a clear return policy and both agree with it. It is best to steer clear of any supplier who is not clear about their return policy – or you might end up with a lot of inventory you can’t sell. 

Set Up Your Inventory Software

Wholesalers should invest in a simple inventory software package, which will help you keep track of your products, even if they are in more than one warehouse. Furthermore, it also determines the demand and supply relation of your business.

Determine A Strict Payment Policy

Since the amount of money involved could be quite large compared to retailing, wholesalers should keep strict control over your finances. 

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You need to consider how your business partners are going to pay you. Cash and card payments might be suitable options if you have a physical location. When getting your wholesale business online, payment options such as card payments, or even credit plans are worth looking into. 

Wrapping Up

Through this article today, we have listed several basic steps to start a wholesale business. As you can see, it is not extremely complicated to start your own wholesaling journey. However, when actually jumping into the field, you should be careful and patient not to make any decision without enough information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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