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A Complete Guide On How To Start A Toy Store

How To Start A Toy Store

Everyone has experienced playing with toys in their childhood. Both kids and adults love toys. Therefore, retailing toys is a profitable and potential business worldwide. If you want to start a toy store on your own successfully, consider these factors carefully:

Market Research

Toy/hobby stores do make a profit and give customers value for their money. This line of business is constantly evolving. According to a study, the total revenue of the global toy market from the year 2007 to 2019 has been booming. In fact, toy companies have generated revenue of 6.6 billion US dollars annually.

Business Plan

Write in detail about what you have planned for your business. This is essential to keep your plan running accordingly. Summarizing is necessary for funding, and the same applies to loans and insurance.

Choose a good location near cinema halls, and amusement parks, as this might benefit your business. The best clients for toy stores are the parents of younger children. Last but not least, remember to take the necessary certificates, licenses and permits for your retail business.


You need regular supplies for your toy store. A warehouse might be needed where you can store your items. You can opt for suppliers that can directly ship products to the customers who have ordered through the online website. Always keep more than one supplier, as the demand in this industry can be more than expected.

In addition, make sure to choose a reliable supplier with good quality products at reasonable prices. The supplies may include, but are not limited to games, toys, playsets, puzzles, dolls, drones, etc.

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A major part of your capital will be spent on the rent or lease. Aside from that, it will be also spent on employee salaries, stocking in the warehouse, attractive and fun-themed interiors, certificates and licenses, grand opening and consultants, inventory, utilities, store equipment, etc. Remember that a massive store may require much more money and effort for operation than a small store.

Potential Sales Channels

To sell the available products in the store, you can do it in different ways. Online stores may include various digital payment methods, wholesalers, or salespeople. Additionally, other potential sales channels include exhibitions and fairs, direct marketing, loyalty programs with flash sales and discounts, and enlisting your store in local directories. 

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Marketing Strategy

Hobby toys drive everyone. While millennials are interested in non-digital interactive toys, the older generation is falling for old-school types. Once you have established all the above factors, marketing according to the different age groups is left to drive sales. 

There are various marketing strategies like email and SMS marketing, newsletters with pop-up events, social media platforms. Optimizing your website with SEO, using print advertising (such as leaflets, magazines, posters and banners), advertising in local tv channels, mouth-to-mouth promotion can be other ways to spread your store’s reputation. 

Bottom line

With good planning and marketing, your toy store can accomplish success in this promising and profitable business. We hope these remarks will help you to answer the question of how to start a toy store.

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