Stripe <> ConnectPOS hieult2 February 26, 2024

Streamline payment process across all channels

Global payments

Access 100+ payment methods, launch in over 195 countries, lower the costs of multicurrency management.

Unified transactions

Ensure a cohesive and efficient transaction process by unifying online & in-person payment, across all touchpoints.

Convert more customers

Capture in-depth customer journey insights, improve shopping experience & increase conversion with built-in optimizations.

Next-gen POS powered by Stripe's advanced checkout

Onboarding with one-click

Simplify onboarding with a single click. Merchants only need to enter the email registered with ConnectPOS to seamlessly onboard onto the Stripe app—no additional actions required.

Streamline payment process

Experience a smooth checkout process with Stripe's optimized payment solution. It blends ready-made payment interfaces, 100+ payment methods access, and Pay by Link for effortless one-click checkout.

In-depth overview of business's financial health

Manage transaction flow through integrated POS. Real-time tracking of sales, managing expenses, and maintaining a comprehensive overview of the financial health of the business.

Offline Mode: Seamless payment despite network issue

Empower retailers to save sales: accept orders, create customer accounts, and process payments via Stripe seamlessly, even in situations where internet access is temporarily unavailable.

Be a part of our global network ecosystem

With a network of over 100 partners worldwide, we harness the full potential of our POS system through leading global integrations. Our partners span eCommerce platforms, payment providers, hardware POS, and more, creating a robust ecosystem that enhances retail business functionality to the maximum.

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Experience seamless synergy in retail with ConnectPOS and Stripe today!

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