The Excellent POS Every Shopify Supermarket Needs

ConnectPOS minimizes possible mistakes during the sales process which cause losing customers in your Shopify department stores
How ConnectPOS unleash potential of your Shopify convenient shops
Develop a flawless workflow to turn more customers into your store
  • Effectively predict market trends by closely monitoring stock numbers at every period of time.
  • Constantly update data about your products, item categories and customers in real time to guarantee a streamlined workflow in your superstores.
  • Support supermarket workers to quickly process refunds or exchange requests without interrupting the sales.
Attract customers by offering the best convenient services
  • Provide shoppers with wireless second screens to help them keep track of all items they will buy.
  • Create personalized discounts or bundle programs for particular products or customers’ shopping carts.
  • Enable buyers to search for products’ information and add items into their cart by using PWA App on their mobile devices.
Stay up to date with your business and your targeted market
  • Flexibly connect with the majority of POS hardware existing on the market.
  • Automatically analyze data and generate insightful reports to make timely decisions.
ConnectPOS is designed for your department stores
Real-time Synchronization

Real-time update all products and customers data between stores and systems

Second Screen

Provide customers with products, prices and others information


Allow customers to search and add products into carts themselves


Empower your superstores with the best POS for Shopify business!


Update accurately stock level after each counting

24/7 free support

Contact us every time you have troubles with your stores

Empower your superstores with the best POS for Shopify business!