Sell more in-store and online with Shopify point of sale Huong Vu October 15, 2023

Sell more in-store and online with Shopify point of sale

Sell more in-store and online with Shopify point of sale

Are you finding a solution to integrate your online store with offline ones and deal with their sale processes? Then, you should check out this post. Here, we shall give you detailed information about Shopify point of sale, which includes selling more in-store and online with this POS.

What is the Shopify point of sale?

Shopify point of sale (aka POS) works to calculate the price of the service/ item, get the payment of the shopper, as well as monitor the sales. This intuitive POS system enables you to sell from anywhere, not only offline but also online. It can sync straightforwardly with your Shopify virtual shop to manage orders, stocks, and purchasers from various sale streams. When it comes to the top-rated Shopify point of sale app, you cannot overlook ConnectPOS. 

ConnectPOS is not just a normal Shopify POS for retailers. It excels with many impressive features such as scalability, no transaction fees required for users (just pay right to 3rd-party providers), and so on.

Sell more in-store and online with Shopify point of sale

Store management

The POS has features to assist you in keeping your goods, employees, and stocks in control. With it, you can add countless products to your point of sale, automatically group products, as well as develop product variants depending on their materials, colors, and so on.

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Plus, this system helps out a lot with monitoring stock status. You can track your goods when they are moved or received between various sale outlets. Use it to take care of your offline and online stores with ease. 

Customer management

You can also utilize this software to get information about the customers and encourage them to be loyal to your brand. For example, with the system, you are able to build a new customer profile directly when they visit your shop or after they buy. You will have the information of shoppers added right away to their customer profile whenever they manage to finish a transaction.

Checkout with Shopify point of sale

You can leverage this software to increase the speed of your customer checkout process. It stores every important attribute, for example, goods, discounts, and delivery options readily accessible. These attributes will boost the productivity of your employees and assist in serving shoppers more quickly. 

Report & analytics

You may also want to utilize the ability to report and evaluate data of the Shopify point of sale software. It gives an ultimate view of your business operation. This system allows you to access a host of various reports such as day-to-day sales, goods, discounts, finances, and retail sales. These reports emphasize particular eCommerce metrics that assist you in having a deep understanding of your business growth.In conclusion, we hope that after reading this post, you know more about Shopify point of sale. For more information about selling more in-store and online with it, call us right now. We are more than happy to aid you.

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