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Drive more sales and delight customers with ConnectPOS Reseller POS

Diversify your offering

Expand portfolio and offer a one-stop solution for your customers with next-gen POS customized for each industry’s need.

Boost revenue stream

Gain exclusive licensing discounts, access additional revenue streams, and focus on go-to-market strategy over development.

Efficient support team

Comprehensive support from pre-sale to seamless client onboarding, backed by marketing materials and market insights.

Streamlined workflow for efficient results

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Join our Reseller program and unlock diverse business opportunities

Increase market reach

Expand portfolio

Leverage ConnectPOS next-gen POS system to diversify your offerings, expand your market presence, and attract more customers.

Access global network

Our POS resellers gain access to a global network of top-tier partners, reducing integration time and enhancing brand confidence.

Support localization

Our POS reseller partners can become exclusive local resellers and receive support from both our headquarters and local offices.


Skyrocket your revenue

Commision on every deals

Maximize earning potential with commissions on every deal, effortlessly boosting revenue through customer referrals, and expand your business reach.

Set your own pricing

Empower our POS reseller partners with control over profit margins, enabling them to tailor pricing packages to their market and optimize revenue potential.

Win more business

Secure more deals with our expertise and hands-on experience. Our expertises accompany POS reseller with pre-sale guidance, pitch consultation and post-sales support.

Dedicated training and support

Long term training & support

ConnectPOS assists POS reseller partners in onboarding new clients and provides ongoing support, reducing staffing needs.

Joint support

Our POS resellers receive comprehensive joint support, encompassing solution crafting, pre-sales assistance, and marketing collaboration.

Marketing support

Access customized marketing content and materials, along with valuable market insights and support to bolster your brand presence.


Thrive in global networks with our POS Reseller program

With over 200 partners worldwide, our extensive global network enables us to fully utilize our POS system through top-tier integrations. Our partners span across eCommerce platforms, payment services, hardware POS solutions, and more, creating a robust ecosystem that enhances retail operational capabilities to the fullest extent.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    ConnectPOS POS Reseller is a company or individual that sell ConnectPOS solution to their end-clients. POS reseller act as intermediaries between ConnectPOS and their end-user customers. When refer clients or deals, POS reseller can earn commission and benefit. For more information about this program, contact our team at [email protected]

    Yes, most POS reseller providers offer some level of customization, allowing businesses to tailor the solution to their specific needs and preferences. With ConnectPOS, you can customize the user interface, recreate workflow, adding or removing features, or integrating with third-party services,..

    The POS Reseller program is suitable for individuals or companies with expertise in sales, technology, or the retail industry who want to expand their product offerings and generate additional revenue by selling ConnectPOS solutions to businesses. It is also suitable for those who have a strong network of potential clients and partnership.

    Yes, besides POS reseller, ConnectPOS also offers White label and Commision mode. Each partnership mode has its unique advantages and benefits, tailored to accommodate different business models and preferences. Find outmore information about our recruit program!

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