3 Must-Have POS Loyalty Programs for Your O2O Business ConnectPOS Content Creator September 12, 2023

3 Must-Have POS Loyalty Programs for Your O2O Business

Recently, E-commerce has been developing and growing faster than ever, especially in the retail industry. The concept of O2O commerce has brought a new breeze to the field, making it easier for businesses to enhance their loyalty programs in Point of Sale (POS) and rocket sales revenue simultaneously. 

As loyal customers are critical to successful business, well-planned and effective POS loyalty programs are necessary. Let’s dive in and learn more about this fascinating marketing strategy.

What is the O2O business model?

O2O stands for Online to Offline, which is a business strategy aimed at drawing a large number of potential Internet customers from businesses’ online stores to offline physical shops. This, ultimately, results in enhancing the number of in-store transactions. An excellent example of this strategy is when a customer receives a message directly to their mobile phone offering a membership discount code. Later, they can visit the store to use that code for a purchase.

Three effective POS loyalty programs in the O2O commerce

The O2O business model allows business owners to maximize customers’ experience through loyalty programs integrated into POS. This would encourage customers to continue trusting and using the services or products of a business. Following are some of the most prevalent POS loyalty programs for a retailer to apply for their companies.

Points program

A points program is one of the most popular POS customer loyalty programs since points are easy to earn and redeem. For instance, customers can buy an item or sign up for business email newsletters. Topics would be automatically added to their points loyalty wallet afterward for later exchanging gift cards or vouchers.

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Points are so flexible that you can assign them to different customer behaviors you want to reward. Moreover, it would be easy to track and analyze the points system.

As an illustration, ConnectPOS – a feature-rich cloud POS, allows the use and spending reward points in physical and virtual stores. Retailers can hold data on the points balance of customers and keep a record of their purchases. There are discounts for ConnectPOS clients as well.

Gift cards

POS loyalty gift cards can be a significant component of your customer loyalty campaign to please the clients and keep them revisiting for more. Gift cards would be perfect presents for family and friends when you don’t know what they like. Family and friends are likely to become your target audience one day.

When gift cards are offered to customers, they can choose what they want to have rather than receiving a chosen reward from the business. Also, they can decide when to use those gift cards, either at once or save them for later purchases. Below is an example of how gift cards are integrated into the ConnectPOS system, enabling customers to use and redeem immediately in real time.

Mission-driven program

A mission-driven loyalty program makes customers feel like their purchasing actions, no matter how big or small, help improve others’ lives. Take TOMS, a US shoe company, for example. TOMS’ campaign is that one would be sent to a child in need when you buy a pair of shoes from them. This way, the customer can buy a pair of shoes for a kid without additional processes.

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This is always an excellent option for businesses that strongly focus on ethical affairs. If you opt for this reward system, make sure it is aligned with your target customers and the society we are in.

To sum up

In E-commerce, POS loyalty programs are crucial in maintaining customers’ chances to return frequently. That’s why businesses try to develop and integrate them into their POS systems, which support online and offline platforms. Better customer experience higher business revenue! Our ConnectPOS provides various loyalty program integrations for you to choose from. We cooperate with many extension providers, such as Aheadworks, to assist you with the best reward points and gift card services. You can use or redeem points and gift cards across all channels and keep track of them directly on ConnectPOS. Please register for our 14-day free trial now for more valuable details!

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