Offline mode in POS: Does it matter to your business? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 12, 2023

Offline mode in POS: Does it matter to your business?

Offline mode in POS

In the digital world, most applications and software, including POS systems, are based on the Internet. Internet access is a must for on-the-go businesses, such as restaurants and fast-food chains. If you can not process the orders on time, you will miss out on the sales opportunities. Ergo, many POS users require offline mode in their systems to ensure a smooth operation. If you still wonder what the offline mode in POS means, let’s run down for more details and check out an example of offline mode in ConnectPOS

So, what does offline mode in POS mean? 

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It is the ability of the POS system to function when the internet goes down. 

Most POS continues to work during the internet downtime, but not all functions. To get to know which certain features are used for offline, let’s check your POS type and your provider.

In common practices, POS can not import and export information on the cloud system when there is poor internet connectivity. Furthermore, synchronization with other devices requires your POS to be online. 

Must-have features of offline mode in POS

Here is a short list of features that a POS system should maintain while it is on the offline status: 

  • One of the must-have functions is the ability to create, edit, and add on customer profiles. Do not miss out on any chance to collect customer data, just due to the internet disruption. It is the very first step in the long road of building customer relationships. 
  • A proper POS should enable you to look up products and add them to carts without the backup of the internet. You won’t want to let your customers go because you lose Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • When you turn on the offline mode, POS should also accept basic payment methods. In the era of digital transactions, credit cards make up over 34 percent of total card payment transactions. That being so, your POS should enable you to store the payment data, then actually process the transaction when it has the wifi re-connection. 
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Types of POS have offline-mode

Hybrid POS system

It works as it calls. Like hybrid cars consume petrol and electricity, hybrid POS can work in two ways – online and offline. If there is an internet outage, POS keeps working a fixed function. It stores data to the hard disc then synchronizes at the time when the internet comes back. For instance, TouchBistro is a hybrid POS where the system can operate on a hardwired, local connection without the Internet. 

Cloud-based POS

The web-based POS depends strongly on the Internet to run smoothly. Despite this fact, more suppliers are now adding the offline mode function to improve the customer experience.  It does not need an Internet connection to perform basic functions, for example, attach customer transactions and store payments in the hard drive. 

ConnectPOS functionality in the offline mode

ConnectPOS offers you the offline mode function that your POS still runs with the essential features in the no internet environment. 

You can turn on Offline mode whenever you want, such as: When you come to events, fairs, and workshops, the wifi connection is poor or unstable. 

Be mindful of the fact that ConnectPOS will request you to connect the wifi at first. It is for the system to synchronize all your store information, such as customers, inventory, tax info, etc. 

Just make sure you are online when you make any changes on your POS database, such as you want to adjust product prices or you add new arrivals, holiday promo, new events, etc. That ensures you can access the most up-to-date information when you go offline. 

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Last words, 

The Internet will never fail in the perfect world. Unfortunately, it is not our globe. That being so, you should make a contingency plan for your business. Choosing a POS system that has offline mode will be the perfect ally to maintain your flawless performance. You don’t have to rely on the internet anymore heavily! Let’s contact us for the world-class POS system that offers you a seamless experience even without Internet connection! 

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