Is BigCommerce the best eCommerce platform for vape? Lana D February 28, 2022
Is BigCommerce the best eCommerce platform for vape?

Ecommerce is growing at a fantastic rate. Its sales jumped to over 30% in 2020. And online sales are expected to reach an incredible level this year. For vape eCommerce businesses finding a related platform, is BigCommerce a good option? Is it the best eCommerce platform for vape? Read this post for the answer.

Is BigCommerce the best eCommerce platform for vape?

Not really. BigCommerce may be the most popular one, but there are many other comparable platforms such as Shopify and Magento. Before we get into the alternatives to it, let’s learn more about BigCommerce.

BigCommerce was established in 2009. It is an open SaaS eCommerce platform with the ability to support merchants regardless of their sizes. For example, these businesses can be leading firms or less sizable online boutiques. This platform helps develop, transform, and thrive businesses online.

Some of BigCommerce’s notable and innovative features come at every plan, such as a drag & drop visual editor without much IT experience, and great SEO functionalities. You may also like its ability to support more than 50 payment gateways without extra transaction costs.

Some other vape eCommerce platforms


It was founded in 2006. This platform is among the most known eCommerce platforms, focusing on helping small firms to run faster. 

Some of its impressive features are a good Help Center that is simple to navigate and an outstanding list of professional themes. Shopify also boasts a sizable app store that helps increase the functionalities of the platform.


It is another great vape eCommerce platform developed on open source tech. It considerably empowers businesses to smooth out their operations and deliver a competitive service experience. 

An outstanding feature of Magento is simplicity. It allows you to set up your online shops with little IT knowledge. Its flexibility is also no joke. Magento assists you in creating your online stores with specific requirements when offering different extensions and plugins. Thanks to it, you can track and adjust your goods with ease as well. These are just some of the many notable features of this platform.

ConnectPOS’s compatibility with various vape eCommerce platforms

ConnectPOS is a top-notch point of sale system with direct integration with multiple eCommerce platforms. Countless businesses, including vape, have used it. An example of vape firms that have succeeded with ConnectPOS is Smoke Arsenal. When moving to BigCommerce, this company expected to have a scalable omnichannel solution to help with its wholesale operation. And the best bet has been ConnectPOS.

Some of ConnectPOS’s great features are a 14-day free trial, reasonable pricing plan, real-time synchronization, and working with many devices and eCommerce platforms. It likewise supports order and stock control as well as offline mode.

Generally, is BigCommerce the best eCommerce platform for vape? Not really. Aside from that, there are other outstanding options like Magento. Better yet, ConnectPOS is compatible with these platforms. It works to provide robust technological solutions for your firm. For more information about ConnectPOS, please feel free to call us.

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