How To Create And Edit Customers In POS? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 28, 2023

How To Create And Edit Customers In POS?

Create And Edit Customers In POS

Point of sale (POS) is a powerful technology for any retail business to keep track of the products and customers’ information. Without a doubt, these are the most important parts of your selling activities. Today, we will provide you with sufficient information about how to create and edit customers in POS, with an example of ConnectPOS, a leading POS provider.

Why is customer information important in POS?

Before getting started on the detailed steps to create a customer in POS, it is essential to understand why this task is needed. Below are the 3 top important reasons:

Better customer service

Data about customers can help businesses to store important information about their transactions. Customers are not strangers – there should be a connection between clients and your store. The connections can be their details (name/address/phone number) or past purchases. These data can support your customer service, such as refund/exchange, curbside pickup, delivery, or for future reference.

Customer insights

Customer data can also be used for in-depth reports. Businesses need to understand customers to provide the best products and services possible. Customer reports can give store owners great insights about their shopping behaviors, such as: Where do they frequently shop? Which items are best-sellers? What are the main types of customers? Based on the analysis, adjustments in the business plan can be made.

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90% of marketers said that personalization can significantly influence business profitability. If used appropriately, personalization can make the shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable. Moreover, customer data also plays an important role in marketing, as it analyzes consumer patterns to provide personalized recommendations.

How do you create and edit customers in POS?

A POS system can be a useful and safe store of customer information. Creating and editing customers in POS can be mostly done with simple steps. We will take ConnectPOS as an example to illustrate the procedure.

Create new customers

First, creating new customers happens on the Sell Screen and Cart section. Users can click on the Change Customer icon to adjust the customer list. Here staff members can create a new customer by adding some information into the blank fields.

Edit customers

Meanwhile, to edit customer details, users can re-open the Sell Screen, add the customer to cart and click on his/her name. A pop-up screen is then opened where users can edit the customer information. All data will be updated after clicking the Save button.

Check out as a guest

ConnectPOS knows the retail transactions can be more dynamic than that. Sometimes, customers prefer not to leave any personal information in your system. Therefore, ConnectPOS provides an option to check out as a guest. Users can enable this function in the Outlet and Register Setting. After that, the option “guest customer” will be available in the cart section.

For step-by-step instructions on how to create and edit customers in POS, visit our knowledge base here.

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Wrapping up

The ability to create and edit customers in POS is essential for a smooth operation. Our last piece of advice is that please maintain the confidentiality and safety of this sensitive information. It should only be used to enhance customers’ shopping experience.

Beyond the customer functionality, ConnectPOS also provides other POS features, such as click-and-collect or real-time synchronization. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information or start a free trial for a more holistic look into the system.

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