How Tiktok retail conquers the shopping behaviours of gen Z and what you can do

In the digital era that is advancing by leaps and bounds, TikTok – a social networking channel that is gradually becoming a tool for e-commerce development, has influenced the buying behavior of a large number of consumers, especially Gen Z people. In this article, we would like to give details about how Tiktok retail conquers the shopping behaviors of gen Z and what retailers can do.

Overview of TikTok users and TikTok Users’ Consumer Behavior

TikTok has since become the top popular social network among Generation Z which has created a big change in shopping behavior. 

TikTok is also a place where users – Gen Z increasingly discover and buy new products through entertainment videos or embedded ads or review videos of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). The figures prove that since TikTok is part of the buying journey, its users have spent 14% more. 

TikTok retail is reshaping the traditional path to purchase and driving sales at scale. The shopping behavior of TikTok users is also becoming more and more promising when up to 37% of users immediately make a purchase when they discover something on TikTok.

How does Tiktok retail conquer the shopping behaviors of gen Z?

TikTok has a plan to take market share from other social media rivals as it expands its advertising operations globally. The content of the plan is that TikTok retail will focus on the safest advertising environment for most brands among the social media platforms, actively targeting small and medium businesses and figuring out how consumers use platforms to shop for products and services.

Tiktok retail conquers the shopping behavior of Generation Z thanks to its understanding of needs and markets. Gen Z is a young generation exposed to technology early and therefore they have a certain amount of care and attention in any decision made on social networking sites. Understanding this, TikTok has built its core content plan on a ‘safety first’ approach to users. However, not only concerned with safety, TikTok also aims to reconcile it with attracting as much advertising revenue as possible to meet the short-term growth goals of brands. This helps it to successfully win over both buyers and sellers. 

What you can do?

Gen Z is fast becoming mainstream for retailers because of its huge spending potential – more than $140 billion, which would make them ideal consumers. Retailers and brands urgently need to rethink their strategies if they are to have any chance of reaching this powerful audience in the long term.

First of all, brands need to combine entertainment with TikTok’s shopping experience to deliver more of an engagement that entices shoppers to explore the store, engage with the product, and stay longer. Producing high-quality videos with the right and attractive content will be a good tool to attract users to make a purchase.

Besides, in order to learn TikTok retail to conquer consumers, retailers should focus on ensuring the easiest shopping experience possible. Gen Z is always about the fastest and most convenient, so retailers to conquer the need to ensure that they provide consumers with flexible options across all aspects of the shopping journey, from Browsing to payment and delivery. This can have a lasting impact and increase the chances of your customers shopping with you over and over again.


TikTok retail appeals to Gen Z because of the way the platform is geared to mainly focus on short-form video content, which is easier to use and go viral on the app than on other social media platforms. Contact us if you are looking for a tool to help your business sell on other social platforms.

Steven P

Steven is a content collaborator at ConnectPOS. With years of experience in retail and eCommerce, he has researched and published many in-depth articles.

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