Configurable products Huong Vu September 15, 2023

Configurable products

What are configurable products?

Basically, a configurable product somewhat looks like a simple product along with lists of several options for each variation. For example, if some retailer wants to sell a jacket in varied colors and sizes, that retailer will create a configurable product with every possible color and size on their list. 

Configurable products is a core factor in the strategy that aims to reduce stocks and apply the “make to order” model.

Advantages of configurable products

Support in selling complex products

Some retailers, particularly in the B2B industry, supply complex products with a variety of features and pricing. Instead of traditionally displaying each and every feature or option in a catalog, the configurator can be considered as a better solution. With configurators, customers are enabled to find the best fit based on their needs and preferences. 

Assist sales team

When customers successfully decide their suitable items, the sales team simultaneously saves a large amount of time. Since the sales team now only needs to focus on the leads that know exactly what they want.

Difficulties when selling configurable products

Limit in explaining different attributes

Customers when considering which products to choose may want to compare different colors, functions or materials before making the decision. However, there might not be enough space to thoroughly explain such differences in an e-commerce site. Therefore, retailers should find the most concise but informative way to describe their products.

Simplify the process

Retailers should ensure to keep the customer’s journey simple with a smooth process and intuitive selection of characteristics. These factors are responsible for rapidly meeting customer needs and transforming leads. Besides, popular characteristics that best suit the general public should be prioritized and promoted.

Face costly errors

E-commerce sites need to be upgraded regularly to accommodate the strictest customers. An outdated system may not be capable of showing the configurable products efficiently, which can possibly increase the click-out rate.