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Difference between invoice vs receipt vs quotation

Difference between invoice vs receipt vs quotation

Each receipt, invoice, and quotation plays an important role in the preparation of sales documents for the business’s accounting records. The difference between them lies in when they are enacted and what they achieve. In this article, we would like to distinguish invoice vs receipt. 

What is invoice, receipt and quotation?

An invoice is required once the order is affirmed or at the end of the service. The invoice ought to diagram the products or services given and the entire price as well as VAT (in case pertinent), at the side any rebates that have been connected.

The quotation is most commonly used to mean a quote, a list price list or a market price list, appearing a lot in the economic field. It is understood as a quotation of fixed lists, used by business organizations to discuss, trade, do business or enter into customer contracts. Therefore, when the customer has accepted this offer, the additional work or additional costs you cannot change. The price in the quotation is based on factors including product value, market and negotiation between the parties.

Receipt refers to documents and receipts that guarantee that you have paid the seller in full. In addition, a receipt is also used as a word indicating the amount of money, the budget of a company, bank or government received. Receipt ensures more reliability than bills and invoices, buyers and sellers have been successfully transacted and paid in accordance with regulations.

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Example of invoice, receipt and quotation

An essential invoice may incorporate any data organized, but at the exceptionally least, all solicitations ought to include: An invoice number; Your business’s title and contact data; Your customer’s charging data; A portrayal of the merchandise or administrations rendered, A due date (so you get paid on time); Sales tax, in case applicable.

A great quotation will incorporate the data such as Business points of interest; Total cost; Breakdown of costs; Varieties; Corrections; Plan for work; Payment terms and conditions; Quote expiry date; Client acknowledgment signature and Payment methods.

A receipt will include the product or service provider’s details, issued date, the total amount paid, method of payments, and remaining due amount in case of any balance left. The POS receipt encourages retailers to verify deal assessments on staff and the items.

The difference between invoice, receipt and quotation

Difference: Invoice vs receipt

An invoice can never be a receipt. Both an invoice vs receipt are related to the installment. But from the point of view of businesses, they are distinctive from each other. As a business owner, there’s got to have a clear point of view on both the terms of the invoice and a receipt. From the invoice vs receipt clarification itself, you’ll be able to know that both are not comparable. Here takes after the foremost critical dissimilarities between an invoice and a receipt. 

An invoice is issued for installment made, and a receipt is verification of installment done. The fundamental key distinction between an invoice and a receipt is that solicitations are given as the ask for the installment, though a receipt is issued as confirmation of payment done. An invoice gives the clear-cut add up to due sum and installment due date for the client. In case of receipt, it gives the data approximately the whole sum paid.

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Difference: Invoice vs quote

Most individuals get befuddled around the distinction between an invoice and a quote. An invoice and a quote are diverse records. Both are verified and simply paid on time and accurately. Before you start any of the client’s work, there’s a requirement and necessity to plan a price cite based on the client’s item or service’s needs. The vendor or a trade proprietor will plan and give an invoice approximately when the work gets completed by counting their total errand. This record contains the installment amount for the given products or administrations. 

Issuing the price cite and invoice may be the best practice for proficient trade proprietors. Giving price cites and invoices will not keep up the money stream, but moreover it makes a difference to produce modern clients from referrals. In spite of the fact that both the quote and invoice look indistinguishable, they vary in their parts. Subsequently, it is vital to analyze when each of them ought to be handled and issued.

ConnectPOS is an effective tool to manage invoices or receipts or quotations for your business. Its advanced features give you great experience managing documents, invoices, quotes, and receipts. With this point-of-sale system at your disposal, you can rest assured that your business processes are running smoothly and efficiently, making the task of managing your documents and finances a breeze. 

Moreover, ConnectPOS also provides different themes for your receipt so you can customize your customer receipt in the most convenient way for your business. This advanced functionality helps retailers avoid long receipts with excessive information and reduces the cost for better sustainability.

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The software is designed with your convenience and ease of use in mind and provides a reliable and secure system for storing, tracking, and managing all of your important records. Whether you’re managing a small business or a large corporation, it can help streamline your operations and improve your overall efficiency and productivity.


Invoices are issued to customers to announce them about the payment, meanwhile, a receipt is issued after the completion of payment. ConnectPOS supports retailers with various types of receipts and e-invoices in different countries. Contact us to get more information about invoice, receipt and quotation!

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