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Considering the top 5 most affordable cloud POS system in South Africa

loud POS system South Africa

If you are searching for cost-effective options for a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system in South Africa, you come to the right place! In this post, we will delve into the top 5 options for the most affordable cloud POS system South Africa.

Whether you are a small business owner or a budding entrepreneur, finding a budget-friendly solution with sufficient functionality is crucial. Join us as we examine these affordable cloud POS systems and discover the features and benefits they offer for businesses in South Africa.

Considerations when choosing a cloud POS system South Africa

A professional point-of-sale (POS) system should possess the capability to handle various tasks, including sales tracking, accounts receivable, purchasing, and inventory management. Take a look at some of the considerations when choosing a cloud POS system South Africa below:

Ease of use

It is of utmost importance to ensure that the POS system you choose is easy for both your customers and employees to operate. By selecting a user-friendly POS system, you can minimize any unnecessary delays for your customers and reduce the potential for frustration during the checkout process. 

A streamlined and intuitive interface will enable your customers to swiftly complete their transactions, freeing up their valuable time and enhancing their overall experience with your business.

Equally significant is the ease with which your employees can navigate the POS system and carry out essential tasks. A well-designed dashboard and intuitive functionalities empower your staff to efficiently track sales, manage inventory, and perform other vital operations. By simplifying these processes, you can enhance your employees’ productivity, minimize errors, and ensure seamless operations within your business.


It is recommended to opt for a solution that offers software capable of seamless integration with your current accounting software, CRM, inventory management system, and even your eCommerce website.

Choosing a cloud POS system South Africa provider that facilitates integration with eCommerce websites enables businesses to accept card payments without relying on physical card machines. This functionality opens up opportunities for businesses without online stores to process online card payments by sending customers payment links via popular communication platforms like WhatsApp, email, Facebook, or Instagram. 

This flexibility in payment processing expands the reach and convenience of your business, regardless of whether you have an established online presence or not.

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Alternative payment options

Fintech experts highlight the rising popularity of various cashless and contactless transaction methods, such as Tap & Go and QR Codes. Businesses must take into account alternative payment options to adapt to these trends. 

Particularly due to the impact of COVID-19, customers have developed hesitations about handing over their cards or dealing with cash while shopping in physical stores. As a result, they have become more open to utilizing alternative methods like QR codes for making payments. 

Recognizing and embracing these changing customer preferences can contribute to a safer and more convenient shopping experience for both businesses and their valued customers.


In addition, numerous consumers express security as their foremost concern when it comes to alternative payment methods. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your chosen POS system provides robust security measures to safeguard against potential threats from criminals attempting to steal payment card data. 

Each business must take the necessary steps to reassure customers that their sensitive information is protected and secure. By prioritizing data security and implementing stringent measures, businesses can instill confidence in their customers and establish a reputation for prioritizing the safety of their valuable data.

Top 5 most affordable cloud POS systems in South Africa


ConnectPOS is a leading name among the top 5 most affordable cloud POS systems in South Africa. ConnectPOS has established itself as a trusted solution, catering to businesses of various sizes and industries. Notably, ConnectPOS is the chosen POS for Eyewa, a prominent eyewear company in South Africa, and SeedCo, a major supplier of seeds to the government in the region.

With ConnectPOS, businesses can enjoy a feature-rich and cost-effective cloud POS system that streamlines operations and enhances customer experiences. The affordability, combined with a proven track record in serving renowned companies like Eyewa and SeedCo, solidifies ConnectPOS as a reliable choice for businesses in South Africa.

Eyewa, a leading eyewear company, relies on ConnectPOS to manage their point-of-sale transactions efficiently and effectively. SeedCo, a major player in the seed supply industry, has chosen ConnectPOS to handle its extensive operations catering to the government’s agricultural needs. These partnerships demonstrate the scalability and reliability of ConnectPOS, offering solutions that meet the demands of both large enterprises and government organizations.

With ConnectPOS, businesses can leverage advanced features, seamless integration with other systems, and a user-friendly interface, all at an affordable price point. As the top cloud POS system South Africa, ConnectPOS stands out as a reliable choice for businesses looking to optimize their sales processes and provide exceptional customer service.

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Yoco introduced its mobile card acceptance service in 2015, with an affordable pay-per-use transaction pricing model. This pricing structure appealed to smaller merchants who were previously unable to afford traditional card terminals due to the absence of fixed monthly rental fees.

To enable businesses to start accepting card payments, Yoco provides a card reader that can be connected to Android/iOS smartphones or tablets. This hardware is accompanied by a comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) application and a business intelligence portal, granting businesses real-time access to sales insights and analytics.

In 2018, Yoco expanded its offerings by launching The Yoco Payment Gateway. This solution allows business owners to accept payments on their WooCommerce or Wix eCommerce websites. Entrepreneurs can easily integrate the Yoco plugin into their websites and activate Yoco as a payment option.

In terms of convenience, Yoco offers free delivery of their card machines within South Africa, with a delivery time of three business days.


Users have the option to either purchase the POS system outright or choose the rental option provided by the brand. Their range of products is particularly well-suited for business owners in the events industry. The brand assures customers that a backup card payment device will be available on-site at major events, ensuring uninterrupted payment processing.

The Pocket Pro Card Machine, one of their featured devices, offers various convenient features such as support for multiple operators and the ability to generate printed receipts. It supports swipe, insert, and Tap & Go functionality, providing flexibility for different payment methods. Additionally, electronic receipts can be generated for enhanced convenience.

All of Wappoint’s terminal devices are compatible with Visa and Mastercard payments. However, it’s important to note that the Pocket devices exclusively accept PIN or Chip-based cards. On the other hand, the Online Terminals only accept cards with an expiry date and CVV.

For merchants seeking to accept additional card types like Amex, Diners, Union Pay, SASSA, Koopkrag, Fleet, or others, the Speed Point solution can be enabled to accommodate these specific card types. This feature expands the range of accepted payment options, catering to a wider customer base.

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InTouch POS

InTouch Point of Sale is the top cloud POS system South Africa specializing in providing tailored solutions for the retail and hospitality industries. They offer both onsite and cloud-based POS solutions to their clients. It encompasses a comprehensive range of software and hardware components, including training and setup assistance.

For businesses opting for the onsite Point of Sale solution, internet connectivity is not required. This ensures uninterrupted operations even in environments with limited or no internet access.

Business owners utilizing the mobile POS option have the flexibility to use iPads, Android tablets, or their existing PC, Mac, or laptop. The mobile POS system is designed to function offline as well, allowing for seamless operations even without an internet connection.

Key features of InTouch POS include robust stock control capabilities, a suite of comprehensive reports for business insights, a lay-buy extension for convenient payment options, a loyalty program to enhance customer engagement, and the flexibility to switch between different sales models tailored for retail, quick-service, or restaurant operations.

Vodapay Max

VodaPay Max provides a rental option for their range of products, including the point-of-sale (POS) system, eCommerce gateway, and QR code solutions. Clients benefit from an accessible online portal that allows for self-service management.

The VodaPay Max device is equipped to accept both local and international payments. This eliminates the need for additional devices like phones or tablets to activate or use the POS system.

Applying for the VodaPay Max is a convenient online process. Applicants are required to provide a form of identification, proof of a bank account, and a selfie taken via a camera or webcam. Monthly fees for the service will be determined based on the monthly card turnover of the business.

In addition, the rental of the POS system from VodaPay Max includes free insurance coverage, providing added security and peace of mind for clients.

In Conclusion,

Exploring the most affordable cloud POS systems in South Africa is an invaluable step towards streamlining your business operations while staying within your budget. From robust features to user-friendly interfaces, these systems offer a range of benefits for businesses of all sizes. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and enhance your point-of-sale experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for the best cloud POS system South Africa. Let us assist you in making your business more efficient, cost-effective, and successful.

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