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Announcing the alliance of ConnectPOS and Netresearch

With the vision of being the most comprehensive future retail store solution, ConnectPOS never stops delivering the most satisfying experience for Magento omnichannel enterprise and merchants all around the world. Not only through working endlessly on building and upgrading the software itself, but we also look forward to closing partnerships with other prominent agencies to form even greater integration solutions for our clients. This September, we’re proud to introduce our latest partnership with Netresearch, a valuable partner with more than 10 years of Magento expertise.

About ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is a cloud-based POS software compatible with multiple platforms including Magento and Shopify/Shopify Plus. By applying cutting-edge technology, ConnectPOS allows omnichannel shop owners to manage transactions on their physical store and have all the data automatically sync to the online store at the same time. Since 2016, ConnectPOS has successfully gained the trust of 1000+ clients worldwide. 

About Netresearch

In 2008, Netresearch was one of Magento’s first partners. With the commitment and founding of Meet Magento, Netresearch has played a key role in the development of the Magento ecosystem. Aided by their worldwide network, they create sophisticated solutions for the customers – ranging from complex configurators to international multi-store shops and business-critical extensions for the logistics and payment industry.

Being a software specialist, Netresearch implements worldwide projects in e-commerce and digital businesses. With a sharp eye for the big picture as well as finer details, Netresearch enables global players such as AIDA, Universal Music Group and DHL to operate successfully and competitively in the market. 

Netresearch’s goal is to create state-of-the-art software that optimally fits into the strategy. To achieve this, they build sophisticated system landscapes using automated, cross-system processes, modern tools, and well-coordinated components. 

With more than 20 years of experience in ecommerce, content management, and the development of individual web software, Netresearch is the ideal partner for digitalization and industry 4.0. Their range of services includes individual consulting, technical implementation, operations, scaling in cloud environments, and long-term support. 

We’re a dream team!

Netresearch is looking forward to working with an industry innovator like ConnectPOS who will complement us perfectly with their advanced technology.”
(Thomas Fleck, CEO of Netresearch)

ConnectPOS customers will now have the chance to approach and work with one of the most trusted and experienced Magento agencies. On the other hand, the clients from Netresearch can use ConnectPOS extension as an innovative future retail solution for their omnichannel experience. The trust and camaraderie between ConnectPOS and Netresearch is a win-win relationship for both sides, thus bringing seamless success to all the mutual clients. 

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Mr. Ken

Ken is an experienced full-stack developer at ConnectPOS. Focusing on the retail industry, Ken deeply understands omnichannel solutions and the latest technology trends.

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