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omnichannel marketing strategies for retail stores

Omnichannel Marketing Strategies For Retail Stores

Omnichannel is no longer an option, but an essential for retail success. Retailers that embrace an omnichannel marketing strategy experience 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to businesses that don’t, according to a recent survey by Loyalty360. Understanding the importance of this trend, retailers are investing and coming up with new technologies and strategies…

top 5 pos apps for android

Top 5 Mobile POS Apps For Android

The point-of-sale system has made store management a lot easier. With real-time synchronization between omnichannel, it helps the retailers to manage inventory, track sales, or collect customer information. Good news for mobile users: there are many POS systems that can be compatible with mobile devices, especially Android. In the article today, we will look into…

How To Make the most of your RMA?

How To Make The Most Of Your RMA?

Product return is something most businesses are afraid of as it doesn’t bring any profit, only losses. Running a store smoothly already has so much to worry about while returning merchandise does not help to ease the complexity of store management. This process is a pain as it requires a separate set of employees and…

what is RMA?

What Is A Return Merchandise Authorization?

Returns are one of the main challenges that retailers faced. Such operations entail financial costs in terms of staff and resources. According to CNBC, only half of the return goods can be sold at full cost, the rest will lead to money losses. To make this process easier, the return merchandise authorization has come into play….

to marketing trends in the new normal

Top Marketing Trends In The New Normal State

Almost a year after much of the world went into lockdown, brands are coming to deal with a hard reality: the ‘new normal state’ is, perhaps ironically, going to be a prolonged period of uncertainty that tremendously affects the way we do marketing. The new strain of COVID-19 is now roaming in England and threatens…

how to protect your customers in-store

How To Protect Customers In-Store

Businesses and their customers are facing a new reality due to COVID-19, which has completely turned plans upside down and changed our lifestyle. In-store shopping used to be considered an obvious thing for any shopper, to wander around the store, to touch and feel the products with their bare hands, or to experience the good…

How to run your store in the new normal

How To Run Your Retail Store In The New Normal?

Countries in the world have slowly re-opened their businesses under strict laws and regulations. We start accepting this situation as our new normal. There will be various challenges within this circumstance as buyers change their shopping habits completely. In the article today, we will discuss some steps merchants can take to run their retail store…

What to do when your employees are infected with covid-19

What To Do When Your Employees Are Infected With COVID-19?

Sometimes, despite a person’s best efforts to protect themselves from exposure, your employee may fall ill due to COVID-19. As an employer or someone from the executive level of your company, you need to act fast to ensure the safety of other employees and comply with all the applicable laws at the same time. In…

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