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About Akatsuka Orchid Gardens

Akatsuka Orchid Gardens is a renowned omnichannel wholesaler & retailer of the original Cattleya orchids located near Hilo, Hawaii. This Volcano-based business features an 8,000-square-foot greenhouse and a showroom with over 500 blooming orchids. In addition to orchids, Akatsuka also specializes in selling a variety of beautiful blooms, including anthuriums, bromeliads, and tropical cut flower arrangements.

Project Challenge

Akatsuka Orchid’s current Legacy POS system is fragmented and cannot integrate with BigCommerce backend, so they run into the following challenges:

Fragmented O2O Operation
Akatsuka requires a POS system that can integrate with BigCommerce backend to synchronize inventory levels, customer data and order between online and offline stores.

Inadequate Customer Royalty program
Akatsuka’s current POS system lacks the capability to offer interchangeable gift cards or loyalty points that customers can use as payment across various platforms.

Our Solutions

ConnectPOS enables a seamless 2-way sync between the online store and the POS system. Now, all in-store orders automatically sync to the BigCommerce backend, and vice versa. This innovation allows easy access to inventory and customer data.

ConnectPOS successfully synchronized the shipping method from BigCommerce to display on the POS system. This functionality empowers in-store staff to place orders for delivery to the US mainland directly from the POS interface.

ConnectPOS provides gift card settings established on BigCommerce for in-store customers. Both online and offline customers can utilize these gift cards for their purchases without the need for additional or complex conversion steps.

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