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Omnichannel logistics

Omnichannel logistics 101: What you should know before delivery

We are living in an era that centers on omnichannel. It can never be easier for consumers to shop online and get their buys in-store. Alternatively, they have the choice to visit the store, test the item, pay online, and get their purchases shipped to your house. These days, different customers have different buying behaviors….

university POS

Is it worth investing a Point of Sale for your university?

Why do you need a Point of Sale for schools/universities? How a POS system can support your institution? A lot of school administrators have raised these questions nowadays when considering investing in proper technology. The answer to them is a suitable university POS solution delivers a wide range of perks impossible to get afforded by conventional…

warehouse checklist

5 tasks you need to do every day at your warehouses

It is significant for retailers to make sure about the smooth flow of inventory and maintain the inventory level. This is not straightforward because you need to deal with a certain number of processes and components appropriately. In this post, we are pointing out the warehouse checklist. It is great for you to manage your…

retail outdated technology

4 retail outdated technologies you must avoid

Using the retail outdated technology is highly likely to cost retailers more than the upgrade price. On the one hand, many businesses see this intuitively. Yet, on the other hand, there is a chance that they do not manage to realize such outdated stuff is a lost opportunity aside from a liability. That is why…

What is stock mapping?

What is stock mapping?

Most of the time, large and medium-sized businesses make their inventory allocated to many warehouses to drive successful order completion and cost reduction. In this regard, ConnectPOS Multi Source Inventory (MSI) app is a valuable tool that helps. MSI comes with the Stock Mapping feature that generates many less sizable warehouse units. It helps get…

What is self service

What is self service?

Self services have become more and more popular all over the globe in various businesses and industries, including retail. Their adoption has helped a multitude of retailers survive and grow amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Check below for further information about their definition, statistics, and even more. What is self service and its benefits Self…

Omnichannel trend to look forward

Omnichannel trend to look forward in 2022

Unquestionably, the global coronavirus pandemic has affected every industry, including retail. Companies that have survived and even thrived last year are those with a solid omnichannel strategy. While you cannot know everything about the future, it is safe to state that omnichannel will continue to help you take the lead. Here are the key omnichannel…

point of sale trend you cannot miss

5 point of sale trend you cannot miss in 2022

Point of sale (POS) software is a critical corporate tool that has been well-known as an upgraded alternative to the traditional cash register. This system provides your business with management capabilities like loyalty programs and an improved shopping experience. According to a report carried out by Grand View Research, the worldwide POS terminals market is…

retail planning

5 Important Things When It Comes To Retail Planning

Because each firm has its own strategy and style of doing business, retail planning is a highly wide and subjective phrase. However, there are 5 critically constant things that every retailer needs to know when planning a retail business. Keep the store inventory balance Retailers should keep in-store stock to a minimum to avoid inventory…

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