Create your omnichannel journey with 50+ BigCommerce POS features

ConnectPOS is proud to be the ONLY POS system
that directly integrates with BigCommerce.
Standard Transaction
Update data instantly

All data such as Orders, Inventory, Customers, and Products will be synced in real-time from the POS system to your BigCommerce website.

Work without Internet

You can still work with BigCommerce ConnectPOS even without the Internet. Once you get connected, data will be updated instantly.

Barcode scanning

You can reduce your checkout time by scanning the barcodes with your phone or barcode scanner.

Store credit

With the value of the product that is not eligible for a refund or the excess amount after purchase, customers can use store credit to either pay or receive a refund.


You can either print out your custom-made receipts at the physical store or send e-receipts to buyers via email.


Apply promotion settings from the BigCommerce backend: Buy X Get Y, Discount per product, Discount the whole cart.

Simple checkout process

For a much simpler and easier process at the payment counters, our POS system offers a three-step checkout procedure: Add to cart, choose payment then hit complete.

Payment methods

BigCommerce ConnectPOS provides you with a variety of payment methods, including cash, cards, gift cards or store credit.

Refund and Exchange

Customers can refund/exchange items. Data will be saved and updated to integrated systems.

Product and Order Management
Order list

The overall orders can be viewed from both physical and online stores.

Custom sales

If guests want to buy an available product at the brick-and-mortar store, you can create a custom sale.

Group pricing

You can create pricing plans for different groups of products.

Quote management

BigCommerce ConnectPOS sends sale quotes created from draft orders to customers for the next purchase.

Tax management

Tax settings are synced with BigCommerce rules and computed in ConnectPos in both online and offline mode.

Multi-store management

BigCommerce ConnectPOS allows users to allocate inventory to different outlets.

Order fulfillment

The whole process of order fulfillment is 100% automated, from ordering to delivery step.

Backorder and Pre-order

ConnectPOS lets you create pre-orders (for items that are coming soon) and backorders (for items that are out-of-stock at the moment).


ConnectPOS assists the multi-fulfillment process, as you can fulfill the order multiple times or through different channels.


For an international experience, BigCommerce ConnectPOS accepts many currencies and rounds up the total price.

Customer facing display

This module allows customers to interact with the POS right from the second screen or view the advertisement in a different browser.

Customer Management
Loyalty program

Loyalty program settings can be synced from your BigCommerce backend to BigCommere POS app.

Gift card

The use of gift cards at brick-and-mortar and online stores is interchangeable.

Inventory Management
Real-time stock update

After setting stock numbers within ConnectPOS, the data will be updated to your main system and vice versa.

Warehouse control

The system auto-syncs stock numbers in different warehouses and suggests a suitable arrangement location based on the warehouse layout.

Stocktake & adjustment

You can scan barcodes and save data from both online and offline stores as well as set up stock numbers.

Omnichannel Support
Device compatibility

BigCommerce ConnectPOS is compatible with both PC (macOS and Windows) and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Self-checkout POS

Thanks to PWA App, buyers can finish checkout time on their own by scanning barcodes. Notifications for new arrivals and campaigns are available.

Click and collect

ConnectPOS allows your clients can easily choose from purchasing by delivery or self-pickup. Quick refunds and exchanges are also available.

Staff Management
Staff training

We also have detailed staff training on how to use ConnectPOS BigCommerce for your business.

Report system

You will be able to view more than 20 sales reports analyzing your shop’s registers, staff members, and payment methods.

Users and permissions

You can add unlimited users with various roles and permissions directly from the app.

Advanced Benefits
24/7 support

Our support team is always available to ensure the seamless operation of your retail business.


We can build a customized POS system for your retail business based on your requirements on payment gateways, accounting software, ERP, or CRM.


We guarantee a personalized solution for your business from scratch and a seamless omnichannel shopping journey.

Global support

As a global POS solution provider, we value and respect the diversity of our retailers. We're ready to offer our help to stores in every country and time zones, as well as extend the power of multi-national companies.

Multi-country support

If you’re thinking about expanding your business to other countries, ConnectPOS is ready to help. Some of the most prominent regions we’ve supported are the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, UAE, Australia, and New Zealand.

Multi-industry support

Not only limit our power in the retail industry, but we’re also extending our hand to more industries, for example, Fashion, Accessories, Cosmetics, Vape and e-Cigarettes, Furniture, Firearms, Sport and outdoor equipment, Medical, Toys, FnB, and Education.

Skyrocket your efficiency with the best omnichannel BigCommerce POS features!