4 Outstanding Examples Of Omnichannel Business In Singapore ConnectPOS Content Creator September 6, 2023

4 Outstanding Examples Of Omnichannel Business In Singapore

4 Outstanding Examples Of Omnichannel Business In Singapore

Omnichannel has been a buzzword in recent years due to the developments of eCommerce. Many businesses nowadays are shifting towards the omnichannel model to provide customers the best shopping experience possible. In fact, research has shown that consumers go online first in more than 60% of shopping occasions. Are you planning to run an omnichannel business, or just curious about this model? This article will discuss 4 outstanding examples of omnichannel business in Singapore for your inspiration.

Uniqlo Singapore

According to a report in 2019, Uniqlo is one of the top retailers with digital store capabilities in Singapore. Indeed, the brand was at the forefront of the omnichannel model by launching its first mobile app in this country. Uniqlo was right by realizing that Singapore was an Asian commercial center, making it an even more nourishing opportunity for this fashion brand. The app has a tidy, informative, and user-friendly interface. Although there have been some negative reviews about the post-purchase process, the app has succeeded in providing customers the chance to buy products on the go. The right vision in the target market (Singapore) and a good investment in the digital place are what make Uniqlo an outstanding omnichannel business example.


Decathlon is the next brand leading the way with omnichannel capabilities in Singapore. The store provides customers with the option to self-checkout with in-aisle kiosks. In addition to that, Decathlon has made a big move in setting up a special showroom. In the past, the brand allowed consumers to search for and try the products. Nowadays, customers can use onsite computers to click and collect or choose home delivery. In this way, Decathlon can create a more convenient shopping experience, while every customer purchase can be kept as a digital profile. 

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Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has proven to us that omnichannel is not only for retailers. This airline has provided customers a seamless omnichannel experience by partnering with AOE-integrated airports and shopping malls. Their purpose is to combine online and offline platforms during customers’ journeys with Singapore Airlines. The partnership allowed guests to shop, pre-book or adjust flight options in real life. Moreover, they even launched the Singapore Mobile App with options for online booking, receiving digital boarding passes, and downloading onboard magazines to the app. This combination of the online and offline worlds has successfully brought an enjoyable experience for customers.


Being a leading sports brand in Singapore, Nike has implemented many campaigns that upgrade its omnichannel business. One of them is an omnichannel loyalty program called NikePlus. However, membership is not limited to the web or email. Nike brings it to life by organizing express checkout and special store hours at physical stores for loyal members. Moreover, they also make use of data to improve their values for members through hyper-localized store format. Unlike the examples above, Nike has proven that omnichannel can also be used effectively to enhance customer retention.


We hope that the 4 examples of omnichannel business in Singapore can more or less develop your understanding of this modern strategy. Behind these omnichannel practices, brands also have to integrate a POS system to support their operations across different touchpoints. With real-time synchronization, click-and-collect features, and many more, ConnectPOS takes pride in being the leading omnichannel POS for businesses all over the world. Contact us today for more information!

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