What to look for in your Shopify POS South Africa? Lana D August 4, 2022
What to look for in your Shopify POS South Africa?

Are you seeking a Shopify POS South Africa that makes your stores simpler to operate and helps with your growth? Then, check out here for what to look for in it and the best POS recommendation. With this, you will not ever need to search for another one again. 

What to look for in your Shopify POS South Africa?

Ultimate search bar

The search bar of your point-of-sale software should allow you to seek anything, for example, items and customer profiles, even without putting in a precise match. This way, you will find what you want more quickly and guarantee a seamless service experience for your customers.

Mobile POS terminals

Cash wraps do not have to be the only option for checkout. With mPOS terminals, you can make smartphones and other mobile devices as a checkout point. This will allow you to process sales transactions wherever you wish. 

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Features of Shopify POS South Africa: Product descriptions

Should you operate both offline and online stores, you need to get the online product descriptions to synchronize automatically to the point of sale. This will save you effort and time and provide your staff with more information regarding your items. 

Gift receipts

It is another great feature you should look for in your Shopify POS South Africa. Gift receipts enable your customers to conveniently and confidently shop for gifts, being sure that recipients can effortlessly exchange or return their gifts if necessary. 

Custom email receipts 

You should search for a Shopify POS South Africa with custom email receipt ability. Sending them is a good way of gathering contact information of customers and developing a mailing list to effectively execute retention marketing. 

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Local currencies & taxes

Look for a point of sale that can calculate taxes automatically depending on the location of your shop and charges shoppers in their country’s currency. This way lets you reduce admin work as you go global.

ConnectPOS: A trusted Shopify POS South Africa

ConnectPOS is a leading POS for many eCommerce platforms, including Shopify. It allows for real-time synchronization between offline and online stores. With the product list, purchase history, and customer database, this system assists you in growing your omnichannel business.

Thanks to this software, you will create orders fast and accept various payments in offline and online modes alike. In-store pickup and home shipping are also supported to generate a smooth customer experience. Besides, ConnectPOS is accessible in not only the iPad app but also in the web app and has desirable speed with the highest possible calculation-related accuracy.

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In addition, you will like ConnectPOS’ product and stock management ability. It supports any kind of item and price and allows you to search items fast by barcode, ID, and any other attributes. It cannot be easier to exchange or refund in the store and online. ConnectPOS’s capability of emailing or printing receipts for customers is also noteworthy.

In conclusion, a Shopify POS South Africa should do beyond processing buys. For more consultation about it, make sure you reach out to us.

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