Click and Collect Tammy April 7, 2021
Click and Collect

What is Click and Collect?

Click-and-Collect is a model of hybrid shopping method that allows customers to select or purchase items online and receive them in-store rather than through delivery.

The model of Click-and-Collect can be considered to balance the ease of online shopping and brick-and-mortar experiences. With many potential benefits, this model quickly became popular, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How does Click-and-Collect work?

After customers have selected and purchased items in their shopping cart, they have two options for receiving products: Home Delivery or Click-and-Collect. If customers choose the Click-and-Collect option, they will move to the next step where they decide on a proper store or centralized location as well as time and date for when to collect. Then, customers will receive a code or ID often via email along with guidelines to pick up their products. And the buying process ends up as usual.

How popular is Click and Collect?

In 2019, the US recorded that 68% of consumers choose Click-and-Collect, and 85% of those buy extra products when they pick up their online purchase in-store. One year later, the Click-and-Collect sales amounted to 58.52 billion in the United States and increased by 60.4% when compared to the figure in the previous year. 

Why is Click-and-Collect popular?

Benefits for customers

The Click-and-Collect model allows customers to decide where and when to pick up their items without having to worry about missing the delivery. Besides, they can also earn savings from delivery costs. 

In case the local store has been out of stock, customers can also search for available products elsewhere on the general website.

Benefits for retail businesses

The Click-and-Collect will help retailers to reduce the risk and cost of missed deliveries. Additionally, the Click-and-Clack service creates chances to up-sell and enhance revenue. According to research conducted by Global Data, 70% of customers when picking up their items in-store tend to buy extra products.

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