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The one-stop Convenience Store POS system required for success

1000+ retailers optimize their retail operations with our Convenience POS System

All you need in one convenience store POS software

Checkout in a flash

Speed up sales with a POS designed for quick, efficient transactions in your convenience store.

Stock smart, sell smart

Improve operational efficiency across the board, from quick product searches to inventory control.

Swift support

Empower your convenience store with dedicated support, guaranteeing a seamless operation.

Offer speedy service with our convenience store POS

Transform operations for rising revenue

Robust inventory management

Master your inventory dynamics with live tracking and intelligent stock alerts, minimizing costs while maximizing availability and customer satisfaction.

Sales reporting & analytics

Leverage comprehensive insights to drive growth, optimize operations, and tailor inventory to consumer behavior for an unmatched competitive edge.

Multi-store administration

Oversee all your stores with a single system that simplifies operations, ensuring every location delivers the same great customer experience.

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Stock your store with the right features

Optimized checkout flow

Speed up checkouts with flexible payments, offline functionality, and quick barcode scanning, keeping customers satisfied and queues short.

Fully customizable workflows and product options

Enable extensive customization, from product specifics to receipts, and spotlight sales drivers while personalizing the shopping experience based on purchase history.

Efficient staff management

Streamline staff operations with smart shift scheduling and sales tracking to boost productivity and optimize performance.

Define quality service from the small touches

Effortless self-checkout

Empower customers with self-checkout feature that epitomizes convenience, reducing wait times, and increasing shopping satisfaction.

Mobile payments & E-receipts

Simplify transactions with mobile payments and deliver e-receipts, providing a hassle-free checkout that's not only quick but also eco-friendly.

Integrated reward programs

Seamlessly configure varied rewards, from 'buy one, get one free' to exclusive discounts, within our POS system, fostering customer loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.

Elevate your convenience store experience with complete POS integration

Transform your convenience store with ConnectPOS, seamlessly integrating supply chains, inventory, multi-mode payments, and sales into a unified platform, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction from shelf to checkout.

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convenience store custom POS

Tailoring POS for your convenience store's unique demands

Our POS stands ready to adapt to your convenience store’s specific requirements. Whether it’s custom product categorizations, digital receipts compliant with local regulations, or specialized built-in features, we’re here to support your store’s growth.


Hear our customers speak

This app has many great features! I didn't use the service yet, but can see the App has all features we're looking for. Also their support has been very helpful. Special thanks to Mia, we had a great meeting, she walked us through all features to set up everything as requested! I'm excited and can't wait to start using ConnectPOS with our Bigcommerce store.
Pablo Yalgolo
If I could give more then 5 stars I would! We do use ConnectPOS for years now and since last year we also use their MSI possibilities. Their support is amazing, always ready to help, always friendly. We asked for something out of the box, ConnectPOS had to change their logic to do us a favor and a special thanks to Lucy made it all happen for us. Truly recommend!
Simon Lalomi
The app has a lot of great features and... The app has a lot of great features and flexibility. It allows you to connect on multiple devices and use your prefered hardware really recommend it. Some things were to be adjusted, but the support team was always there and were solved like a flash.
Narumi Tokoma

Experience the future of convenience sales with Connect POS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our POS system is designed with the unique fast-paced environment of convenience stores in mind, offering rapid transaction processing, effortless inventory management, and a user-friendly interface to keep your business running smoothly.

ConnectPOS offers various features to hasten checkout, like self-checkout kiosks, barcode scanners, contactless payment options, and mobile ordering solutions. Moreover, the software is designed for rapid order processing and reduces manual entry errors.

Absolutely, our POS system comes with a reliable offline mode that ensures your sales continue uninterrupted, even during network outages.

Our Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) feature provides live tracking and alerts for reordering, and reports to maintain ideal stock levels, avoiding both stockouts and excess inventory. It’s part of ConnectPOS’s ecosystem, including POS software, Self-checkout, and the upcoming Consumer App.

Yes, the system allows you to set up and manage a variety of custom loyalty programs, including BOGO deals, discounts, and time-based offers to encourage repeat business.

Sure! Our POS solutions are customized for different business types, such as petrol stations, shopping malls, department stores, discount and dollar stores, supercenters, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs, and more.

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