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Inventory Carrying Costs

How Important Is Inventory Carrying Costs

When you own a business, it’s quite important to consider lowering the costs. To maintain a steady supply chain, you need to understand the total cost of its supply chain. Inventory Carrying Cost helps companies to determine how much growth can be made on current inventory. What Is Inventory Carrying Cost Inventory Carrying Cost is…

Best Ecommerce Apps To Run Your Retail Store

In today’s digital world, the retailing market has experienced many advancements in eCommerce management. Among various available information, what are the benefits of eCommerce mobile apps, and what are some of the best options? Benefits Of Using eCommerce Apps Applications load faster than websites ECommerce apps often have excellent usability and user engagement The market…

Social Commerce

7 Tips To Optimize Your Social Shopping Strategy

Social shopping is also called social commerce, which is the meeting point of social media and eCommerce. According to Statista, 58% of responding US consumers stated they were influenced by social media when making purchasing decisions. With the rights social shopping strategy, customers are willing to make real purchases. Here are 7 tips on using…

just-in-time inventory

All You Need To Know About Just In Time Inventory

With a steady supply of products and effective inventory management, every company can look towards good revenue. Just-In-Time Inventory helps retailers and manufacturers to lower their storage cost and keep their stock fresh, from that achieving the success vision.  What Is Just-In-Time Inventory Just-in-time inventory (JIT) is an inventory management method where goods are received…

How Rising Social Media Support Retail Business?

In today’s technology-driven world, many businesses have modified and adapted new strategies to the rising social media. Businesses are now moving to online places to sell their products and approach more customers. Selling on social media has become a new trend for many types of retail businesses.  What is social selling? Selling on social media,…

food inventory

7 Tips To Effectively Manage Food Inventory

One of the most constantly evolving industries is the food and beverage industry. Based on consumer trends, seasonal demands, tough competition and constant innovation, it has become very challenging to manage food inventory and its resource planning. What Is Food Inventory Management? Food inventory management is a system of tracking: What inventory comes into your…

inventory turnover ratio

What Is Inventory Turnover Ratio?

Inventory management is essential to maintain good growth and revenue in your business. Inventory turnover ratio is an important metric in a profit and loss forecast, either for wholesale or retail businesses.  What Is Inventory Turnover Ratio? Inventory is the account of all the finished products a company holds in its stock which will be…

pci compliance

What You Need To Know About PCI Compliance

When you own a business, your top priority is to please your customers and make sales. With evolving technology and digital payments, most things have become cashless and contactless. Online payment security plays a major role in running a business successfully. That’s why PCI compliance is used to ensure the safety of online payment methods….

retail automation

Retail Automation Is The Future Of The Business

To operate a successful retail business in an expansive and competitive industry, business owners need incredible management and organization with the help of intuitive technology. To compete in this fast-changing and high demand market, retailers are turning to automation to support and increase their profits. What Is Retail Automation? Retail automation can be a number…

experiential retail

What You Need To Know About Experiential Retail

As the world is spinning so fast with technology and advancements, people are accustomed invariably. With the lightning speed of the Internet, marketing has changed unconditionally, which is more inclined towards Experiential Retail. It’s more like a qualitative world where experience matters the most.  What Is Experiential Retail? Experiential retail is a type of retail…

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