Hey Siri, why is voice commerce the future of retail? Lana D April 23, 2022
Hey Siri, why is voice commerce the future of retail?
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More than 70% of people utilize voice search via digital assistants. Also, more than 20% of shoppers have made a purchase by leveraging a digital assistant. These figures indicate a trend related to using voice commerce all over the world. Why is voice commerce the future of retail? In this post, we are going to answer that question.

What is voice commerce?

Voice commerce means the utilization of voice commands to find and buy goods online. If you have not leveraged a digital assistant such as Alexa of Amazon or Siri of Apple before, you are in the minority group. Statistics showed that more than 70% of people utilize voice search via digital assistants. 

Why is it the future of retail?

For this type of innovation to become explosively popular among customers, it might need a few years. Yet, according to studies, as soon as shoppers make a change to use voice commerce, they will have a hard time living without its capability and convenience. 

Voice-based retail innovation has become more and more user-friendly day by day. Also, shoppers are getting increasingly comfy with it. Worldwide digital sales revenues are predicted to go far and beyond 6.35 trillion USD by 2024. 

In addition, another reason why voice-related commerce will become the future of retail is that compared to shoppers who do not make purchases with voice-based retail innovations, those who do spend more (over 135 USD). This innovation keeps becoming a part of the lives of people. Therefore, it is simple to see why voice-based retail innovations are taking the next huge progress in eCommerce. 

It brings a more satisfying retail experience

Voice-based retail has vast potential for delivering smooth shopping experiences. Thanks to it, these experiences become very interactive. Voice commerce can make a complete transformation to what digital shopping should be for your shoppers. Shoppers all over the globe are becoming more and more fond of digital shopping. The reason is that they enjoy the speed as well as convenience given by this sales.

Customers like that are able to access online stores with voice-related commerce no matter where they are. In addition, there is no need for them to overcome traffic jams as well as pay for parking their vehicles. They also do not have to stress over public health issues such as the coronavirus pandemic. 

In the realm of digital business, enhancing engagement can help increase sales. Statistics showed that carrying out a voice-based retail experience on the eCommerce store can cause the business growth of over 25%

Consider what your company can gain just by leveraging a new modern sales technology such as voice commerce. It is what people around the globe have been utilizing. Expectedly, it will be more and more popular in the future. Therefore, put an end to waiting, and consider utilizing it. 

In conclusion, it is time for you to use the perfect voice commerce for your shoppers. Reach us if you need any further information.

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