Which feature is worth looking for in a marijuana point of sales in thailand Steven P May 5, 2023
Which feature is worth looking for in a marijuana point of sales in thailand
Which feature is worth looking for in a marijuana point of sales in thailand

As more and more governments legalize cannabis and its products, the market is expanding. In Asia, Thailand was one of the first to pass legislation to allow the sale of marijuana for legal purposes. The growth of this market is expected to multiply many times, creating more opportunities for business owners and investors. Retail stores and dispensaries need a powerful POS system that makes tracking and managing all retail operations easy. In this article, we would like to bring out the desirable features that are worth looking for in a marijuana point of sales in Thailand.

Customer Management

Customers are the key to success and the most important factor of any business in any field. Creating a great customer experience is one of the top priorities for businesses. Therefore, a good marijuana point of sales in Thailand needs a robust customer management system with the ability to create and manage customer records for each licensed patient, automatically verifying the ID for each visit. purchases, track purchases made to enable targeted marketing, and manage loyalty programs, discounts, and promotions. The seller will be able to track the transaction history of previous purchases and from there make recommendations for the buyer’s shopping cart. Besides, they can also combine an upselling strategy to advertise more products and maximize their revenue. For customers, this feature will help them have a seamless and great experience. The buying process will be more personalized and faster. Personalization is essential today because everyone has a different need and not most businesses can provide this experience. This is also what marks the outstandingness of the business compared to its competitors in the market.

Which feature is worth looking for in a marijuana point of sales in thailand

Inventory Management

If customer management delivers revenue benefits, seamless inventory tracking and management is the feature that ensures your business can grow and expand. This management includes automated shelf-to-sale inventory tracking, real-time inventory tracking and reporting, automated alerts to place new orders, and supplier management. A suitable marijuana point-of-sale system can provide these features to manage multiple locations in one device. Multi-source inventory, real-time order status tracking, and accurate order management with continuously updated data will help eliminate shortages and customer purchasing process risks. This software will let the seller know the number of products in stock, their status, and the status of the orders the buyer has placed. From there, organizations will make appropriate import and export decisions. Along with that, marketing strategies to sell inventory products will also be issued to ensure the quantity of inventory does not exceed the allowable threshold.


Which feature is worth looking for in a marijuana point of sales in thailand

To gauge the success of a marijuana point of sales in Thailand, a review of the integrations it offers will give an overview. A good system should power an omnichannel store on Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, commercetools, Netsuite, and other popular platforms. In addition, integrations with payment gateways to ensure fast and convenient payment, and safe and secure transactions are also essential. This feature is appreciated by consumers because it is the element that completes the in-store purchase process. A quick payment integration will enhance the experience for buyers. Besides, a solution for businesses needs other integrations with existing hardware devices or systems such as order management, inventory management, refund and exchange, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and so forth. The cannabis business POS system needs to interface with all the hardware and software business tools that users use on a daily basis to streamline retail operations, be it barcode scanners, dosing scales, printers or financial accounting systems, POS software needs to be able to integrate seamlessly.

Report and Analysis

Reporting and analytics are the backbone of any cannabis business. With today’s rapidly evolving market space, it’s important to leverage the data tracked by a POS system to better understand and make critical business decisions. An essential feature that a POS solution needs is access to daily sales reports, receipts, returns, and more data like which products are the best sellers, which are the slowest and what products the customer is looking for are also key parameters that need to be monitored to stay compliant. In addition, reporting and analysis also helps to improve profit margins and grow the organization’s business. The combination of business reports and analysis of the market as well as the business situation will help the marijuana company meet the market, satisfy the consumer, and have a direction for growth and development. reasonable investment. For example, many retailers from other industries in Thailand have entered the cannabis business by monitoring and analyzing the market from their systems.


Which feature is worth looking for in a marijuana point of sales in thailand

A typical POS system will have access to a lot of personal information including customer profiles, their personal information, and the transactions they have made. If this information is exposed to the market, the customer’s data will be exposed and from there, the business will lose its reputation in the market. Therefore, a marijuana point of sales in Thailand needs advanced security features to avoid any data breach. For access, solutions require login authentication, role-based permissions, secure cloud services, and data centers.

ConnectPOS is a suitable marijuana point of sales in Thailand. The system is available with English and Thai language support, making it convenient for businesses to start without difficulty. This is a solution that offers all the features a marijuana business would be worth looking for. It is compatible with many devices, allowing online and offline system access without the need for specialized hardware. The software also features an unlimited payment option that helps customers pay quickly with their favorite methods like cash, card, click or pay with mobile money or payment gateway. ConnectPOS processes transactions fast and customers won’t have to wait in line as they can scan products and pay right from their device thanks to the PWA Consumer app. Notably, this plugin supports well in being able to divide inventory, sales by the gram and package to meet most buyer needs and it also integrates with Thai payment gateways for the most seamless business. 

Which feature is worth looking for in a marijuana point of sales in thailand


Choosing a marijuana point of sales in Thailand is something that companies need to consider to make the most accurate decision. The right system will allow the organization to have high profitability, support and provide the best user experience. Contact us if you are looking for a solution that helps better manage your business.

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