When is the right time for retailers to announce black friday deals? Steven P November 15, 2022
When is the right time for retailers to announce black friday deals?
When is the right time for retailers to announce black friday deals?

Although the clock is ticking down to Black Friday, there is still time to enhance your e-commerce sales plan for the entire year. In order for retailers to employ customer attraction methods at the appropriate times,

Are your staff and website prepared for the increase in visitors and sales on all of these approaching dates? Here are some starter suggestions of Black Friday deals from ConnectPOS.

Consider kicking off on the second half of October weekends

When is the right time for retailers to announce black friday deals?

When Black Friday officially starts, people begin to feel festive. Every year, the dates are different and have ranged from late June to early October.

Watch for when Black Friday deals start, and if it seems to be approaching October, consider it to be the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season. To present impending holiday deals, choose the weekends after and think about launching some early-access promotions.

The reports consistently show that SMS marketing has a lot of promise for businesses. It’s never too late to ask your subscribers to sign up for your SMS service, whether it’s early in the fourth quarter or a few weeks before Black Friday. This can be encouraged by offering SMS-only discounts and early access to specials all throughout the Christmas shopping season.

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Create a master plan for Black November

A month or so before Black Friday deals, several businesses start advertising their sales. Therefore, you’ll need to space out your promotions during what is now known as “Black November.”

Similar strategies to the one above should be part of your approach, especially:

  • A Black Friday buzz-building campaign employing commercials, emails, and social media in the run-up to the occasion.
  • Sneak peeks on door crashers and other incredible discounts will be available in the days and weeks prior to Black Friday.
  • A coordinated promotional strategy is integrated across all platforms—websites, emails, and social media—to maximize impact on the day of your sales.
  • An influencer and micro-influencer engagement strategy micro-influencers to spread the word about promotional deals.
  • Post–Cyber Monday deals (e.g., extended sale offers) for last-minute shoppers throughout December, with a focus on shipping times and gift-wrapping.
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Start advertising early

When is the right time for retailers to announce black friday deals?

On websites like Facebook and Instagram, customers are starting to run Black Friday deals early. So that they can increase their spending throughout the four-day shopping weekend, it provides them time to experiment and learn, determining which creative assets work best.

The best advice is:

  • To grow social audiences, purchase traffic early (before costs rise).
  • Remarket often to stay in front of people’s minds.
  • Target high purchase intent keywords with your Google Ads, such as “buy [blank product]” or “best offer on blank product”.

The best time to email in November

When is the right time for retailers to announce black friday deals?

Allow the Black Friday deals display to start in the first few days of the month. It’s time to start delivering persuasive marketing messages and speeding up your email cadence at that point.

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Also, think about sending SMS messages in addition to emails. To increase customers’ anticipation even further, you can send an SMS to those who didn’t open your emails or to your most loyal customers.


Is your e-commerce website prepared for the greatest annual retail event? Although it is anticipated that online holiday sales will rise even further, there is no assurance that your website will benefit.

You need a Black Friday deals strategy that considers everything, including mobile site performance and speed, integrated online and offline promotions, shipping, and backup plans for stockouts and unforeseen problems.

ConnectPOS wish you a very successful and prosperous Black November. We are available to address any inquiries you may have in the run-up to the major event,t, contact us right away.

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