What to learn from Costco delivery strategy Lana D May 31, 2022
What to learn from Costco delivery strategy

Many retail businesses are following the trend of grocery delivery and the same goes for Costco delivery. Given the Covid-19 situation and customer preference for online shopping, the online grocery delivery service of Costco has been proved as efficient. Ahead, we are going through all the main points of Costco delivery — and what to learn from Costco’s shipping strategy

Does Costco ship groceries everywhere?

First of all, you should know whether Costco ships groceries everywhere. Though it provides 2-day delivery all over America (not including some places such as Alaska), a few shipping services are limited based on locations. So, be sure you have checked to find out what is accessible in your area. Also, it is great to mention that Costco delivery partners with Instacart, allowing groceries to get to shoppers in as fast as 60 minutes. 

How does the brand’s delivery work?

It is necessary to get a Costco membership. Start shopping as soon as you get the membership validated. The brand provides 2 grocery shipping options, namely 2-day and same-day delivery. Costo makes shipments on the same day possible through Instacart, yet you will need to spend some extra dollars (indeed only about 35 USD) to be able to process your purchase order for free.

What to learn from Costco delivery strategy

Research customer behaviors and offer what can benefit them

Costco does a good job at this. This brand knows that customers need time to do other important things other than shopping for groceries, and they may be busy with work at least 5 days a week. So, Costo takes this chance to prompt customers to try out Costco delivery. It enables them to save time as well as money. 

Give rewards

Here, rewards are a massive perk of a Costco membership, and these do not only apply to same-day shipping. Business Executive and Executive Gold Star Costco members have the right to get a 2-percent reward on every buy. The perks do not just end on that. There are the same 2-percent rewards for customers with Executive membership and 2-percent cash back for those who have Costco Anywhere Visa Cards. These rewards go for 2-day shipment as well as frozen food purchases. You often need to buy groceries several times each month, right? Do not be surprisingly happy when you find your rewards increase so fast.

Build a user-friendly app

The app for Costco delivery is user-friendly and informative. It stores an online copy of the customers’ Costco membership cards. Therefore, they can have them ready with more ease. In addition, you are able to shop the brand’s digital stocks straight from your smartphone, which makes things even more convenient with minimum wasted effort. Also, you can make shopping lists using this app. You can also refill the prescriptions, receive alerts for hot deals, and so on.

In conclusion, we hope this post clearly informs you about what to learn from Costco delivery strategy. For more information, feel free to reach us to get useful guidelines.

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