What is voice picking solution?Quinn T.March 9, 2022
What is voice picking solution?

Today, the development of technology has helped people to work in various fields from economy to education, health and even warehouse management. One of the technology solutions that is gradually becoming popular today is voice picking. This is a new and convenient solution that will make the management and operation of the business easier.

In this article, we would like to provide information about a voice picking solution for your business.

What is a voice picking solution?

Voice picking solutions are paperless, hands-free systems that use easy-to-understand voice prompts to direct order fulfillment workers to specific locations throughout a warehouse and then tell them which products to pick to complete customer orders.

What is a voice picking solution?

How does voice picking work?

Voice picking works by wearing a headset and following verbal enlightening and reacting with a verbal code or a scanner.

Each employee assigned to the relevant task will be provided with a voice pickup device, which is typically a mobile device linked to a headset with a microphone and scanner. The voice-picking gadget gives instructions to the warehouse specialist, enumerating the picking assignments and giving their areas. Employees can give data back to the system through voice, content input or a barcode scanner.

When the voice-picking administrator arrives at a particular warehouse area, they verbally give affirmation digits to confirm the area and canister. The voice-picking system affirms the walkway or area and gives the administrator the picked amount. The administrator verbally affirms the quantity. When the assignment is completed, the system sends the picker to the other chosen area, giving an ideal way to maximize the worker’s effectiveness. All interactions between the picker and the voice application are followed, so supervisors can see the advance of orders as they are fulfilled.

How does voice picking work?

Voice picking benefits

The voice picking solution first and foremost increases the speed and accuracy of orders. Voice control helps users focus on their tasks. Their hands and eyes don’t have to read directions, so they can quickly locate items visually, pick the right quantities, and place them in the right places. Higher accuracy with faster speed will result in more satisfied customers. By meeting or exceeding customer expectations, companies can improve customer loyalty as well as attract new customers.

Besides, the voice picking solution makes a difference in your business, increasing productivity and stock precision. To optimize voice picking, warehouses frequently organize things in a way that streamlines the picking involvement. A high level of organization, combined with the exactness of voice picking technology, can offer assistance to businesses that oversee inventory more accurately.

Another benefit of a voice pick solution is that it usually requires little training, as it guides the operator through tasks with simple and understandable voice prompts. Every task an employee performs is controlled step-by-step via voice commands, so no training is required in how to read printouts, label labels, etc. Just a voice sample, which can be created in less than a minute. Because training is minimal, voice pick is ideal for environments with a lot of seasonal workers or with high warehouse turnover rates. Moreover, voice pick solutions help keep warehouse workers safer and more secure. People tasked with picking up goods often have to use box cutters or lift heavy objects, so they have to use their hands, which is quite dangerous for them. However, the voice selection solution allows employees to work hands-free, ensuring safety. Besides, voice technology helps them work more easily and efficiently.


Voice picking solution is a great solution for inventory management and business operations accordingly. With this voice solution, your business can expect even more growth. Contact us for more information on this solution.

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