What is planogram? Lana D February 10, 2022
What is planogram?
What is planogram

Smart use of your store’s physical space is essential for your business to flourish. At the end of the day, you pay for that space, items take it up, and shoppers come in and travel around the space before they buy. That is why you need to ensure the planogram of your shop. 

What is a planogram?

Adopted by retail businesses in visual merchandising, a planogram is referred to as a visual representation or schematic drawing of a physical store. It assists you in planning your store layout and product placement to optimize sales. 


Data Integration

It enables efficient and seamless integration with your current data server and systems like ConnectPOS, which is a trusted provider. ConnectPOS helps all the planogram designs to kick off well by offering data like stock data and goods sales info. The planogram and this solution together help with smoother stock control. Improved organization implies increasing ease for employees to track inventory levels. There is indeed a zone for all the things in a suitable area. 

Maximize Space and Sales

Thanks to this representation, your store becomes organized. You can set up each zone in the shop with a purpose. It likewise enables strategic goods placement, supporting the cross-merchandising standpoint. As you can see in the picture below, the dairy products are in the shop’s far back corner. Wonder why? The store plans to make shoppers stroll past other goods, more likely boosting impulse buys. 

How to Make Use of a Planogram for Your Shop

Employ a Planogrammer

Ideally, let a planogram specialist join your company. But what if your firm is not large enough to recruit someone solely devoted to planograms? Then, you have the choice to arrange the task for a visual merchandiser.

Ask Planogram Experts for Help

Another option is hiring 3rd-party experts. Make use of your competencies to work out the planogram. Envirosell is an example. It is dedicated to visual merchandising through behavioral research.

Count on Software

Your best choice of software has to do with your demands and budget. For instance, DotActiv boasts the offer of planogram software for free, which is great for you to begin with. Or you can consider paid options with enhanced attributes, for example, ShopShape.

DIY the Planogram

Another choice is to DIY your visual merchandising by leveraging planogram templates. A few businesses follow the conventional way, with a pen and paper, and draw out their store’s space for scaling. Should you be not confident enough with your savviness, we suggest using tools in Google Docs to do so. In general, consider leveraging an available template or making one using a tool intended for visuals like Photoshop. There are some examples in SmartDraw for your reference.


It is significant to think about using a planogram. It is indeed a crucial part of your visual merchandising approach. Thanks to the smart planning of your shop layout and its integration with POS, your business will benefit in many ways. For perks of using POS in tandem with planogram and further info about POS, contact us!

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