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What is Oracle NetSuite? Why is the best solution for small businesses?

Small businesses today have more and more responsibilities and are getting busier. For businesses wishing to expand their business, the old solutions based on traditional tools are not meeting their needs. Because management by software or manual tools often brings many difficulties. Fortunately, however, there is a solution that can meet the needs of today’s small business, which is NetSuite Oracle. In this article, we would like to introduce that solution and explain why NetSuite Oracle is the best solution for small businesses.

What is Oracle NetSuite?

NetSuite Oracle is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that comes with a powerful financial management solution. It is an affordable, tailored platform that is customized based on your business needs and circumstances. As such, it is especially suitable for small businesses that need advanced features. It also provides accounting and financial management solutions for businesses.

Why Oracle NetSuite Is Best for Advanced Features?

Mentioned as part of a powerful ERP solution, NetSuite Oracle provides an intuitive cloud-based financial management solution that allows businesses to track their financial data and automate many functions. It offers reporting, planning, and billing features, and is easy to integrate with other software, including a suite of business solutions. This solution can also be used seamlessly with multiple currencies, so it’s a great choice for small firms looking to grow with a global customer base.

This NetSuite solution also enables businesses to settle accounts receivable and payable, accelerate transaction closing times, and keep up with more complex financial compliance obligations while taking advantage of a full suite of Full of powerful business management features.

NetSuite Oracle seamlessly supports small and medium-sized companies as they grow into large companies with its full suite of products that help different departments and systems in the same business work in real time to every employee and manager in the company is always up to date.

However, for small businesses on a tight budget, this solution may be expensive for them. With that, for a sole proprietor or a start-up, this software can provide redundant and overly complex functionality.

Why is the best solution for small businesses?

Small businesses today are facing challenges such as cash flow monitoring, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities, data-based marketing efforts, and adherence to governance, risk, and compliance. And they were in need of a software solution that could meet the growing business requirements at every stage of their development. NetSuite Oracle is built for the cloud to serve small businesses in all industries such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, eCommerce, services, and nonprofit organizations. NetSuite delivers real-time information, enhances customer service, and reduces IT and related costs by centralizing and automating financial and operational functions.

It is also a unique solution that streamlines both the front-end as well as the back-end operations of the business. This solution also helps small businesses better plan and prepare for their financial future. Planning, budgeting, and forecasting tools allow the management team to plan for different scenarios by exploring different possibilities.

Notably, this solution is a web-based data storage solution, so small businesses will only need to spend a lower cost to own it. They will save costs incurred with hardware, IT staff, software maintenance, and security. When compared to other cloud solutions, NetSuite Oracle is affordable as it has an out-of-the-box solution that covers core software functionality while additional modules can be added as the business grows. 


NetSuite Oracle is a solution suitable for small businesses because of its features and reasonable price. If you are in need of assistance associated with this solution, contact us.

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