What awaits shopping malls after the pandemic Quinn T. April 7, 2022
What awaits shopping malls after the pandemic

Along with the reopening of global commerce after the pandemic, shopping malls have also witnessed an exciting restart and many major changes. Consumption needs and trends, and changing concepts of customers are something that shopping malls must acknowledge. In this article, we give information about what to expect for the shopping mall future after the pandemic.

Shopping trends of customers in shopping malls after the pandemic

Demand for sustainable products

People’s awareness of responsibility to the environment is increasing. Therefore, the trend of sustainable consumption is also increasing day by day. An IBM study found that 77% of consumers consider sustainability and environmental responsibility as at least “moderately important” brand values. It’s no wonder that sustainable products from ethical companies tend to attract the biggest consumers, and shopping mall future needs to be aware of this.

Buy online and pick up in-store

Although society and activities are returning to normal after the pandemic, there are still some consumers who are apprehensive about this reopening. Their tendency is to want more convenience and less contact, so buying online and picking up in-store is chosen by many people. Shopping mall future needs to consider this for changes such as adding a picking area for customers to be convenient and save time.

Various payment methods

Besides traditional payment methods, today’s consumers often want many other payment trends. Consumers during the pandemic often preferred online payment or contactless payment. After reopening, that payment method is still used, but there is another payment method that is buy now, pay later.

Shopping malls should consider this payment method when reopening to support the most convenience for customers in payment.

What awaits shopping malls?

Change of buyers and partners

Shopping mall future is expected to face a big change in customers. The shopping center before was always crowded with people every evening or weekend or holiday, maybe after the pandemic, the number of people will change. Besides, the shopping mall future will have to witness a change in the needs of people’s products. The pandemic seems to have taught us those essential products are important, so other shopping mall products will be able to reduce sales. Along with that, the preference for sustainable products will cause shopping centers to consider partners to do appropriate business. When it comes to partners, it is possible that the future shopping mall will face the absence of most of its partners as due to the severe impact of the epidemic, they will often have to close some branches.

Require diversified business activities

After the pandemic, the needs of buyers changed, so the shopping mall future needs to diversify business activities to help customers have a variety of experiences. These business activities should be accompanied by promotions to stimulate customers’ purchasing decisions.


The business of shopping malls after the pandemic will certainly face certain difficulties. Understanding customer psychology and social trends will help shopping malls adapt to the new environment. 

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