10 well-designed BigCommerce websites for your inspiration Lana D May 30, 2022
10 well-designed BigCommerce websites for your inspiration
BigCommerce websites

Are you looking for well-designed BigCommerce websites for your inspiration? Then, this list is for you. 


This lifestyle audio business offers quality items such as earphones and headphones. On its homepage, there are most decent product photographs combined with a bold graphic in line with Skullcandy’s branding. Moreover, this site is a happy balance between simple and catchy text and CTA buttons (call to action).



This business sells modular furniture for those who are looking to outfit their place fast and at a good price — with no tradeoff on style. You will like the BigCommerce websites like this as it impresses visitors with a full-screen photograph of a room enhanced with the brand’s products, giving a clear value statement to shoppers. Also, CTA buttons emphasize a range of great product photos. This way can encourage online users to hit the buttons to learn more.

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Bon Bon Bon

This chocolate store utilizes a bold design on its site and features a pastel color palette that is as sweet as its products. Plus, it includes lots of product images that excite visitors’ senses. Together with CTA buttons with bold colors, the website is successful in prompting users to purchase.


This leading maker of reusable water bottles builds its BigCommerce websites according to the minimalist style. The homepage showcases an image that effortlessly assists visitors in visualizing the way they can utilize the brand’s product.


The website of this bridesmaid dress retail business helps promote the brand when including a range of photos featuring ladies of every size in various bridesmaid dresses. Moreover, there is an Instagram feed showing real customer marriage ceremonies.

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Black Diamond BigCommerce websites

Black Diamond BigCommerce websites

This site promotes a sense of adventure for shoppers looking for athletic gear as it has sentiment-arousing photographs. By focusing on the correlation between shopper experiences and the brand’s goods, this website entices users to hit on CTA buttons. 

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

It adds a seasonal flavor to the product center and front to appeal to visitors. In addition, there is a sticky navigation menu that includes links to enable users to find more about the product.

Saddleback Leather Co.

The website of this leather product retail business is also one of the best examples of BigCommerce websites. It sheds light on the branding of the firm with beautifully leather-trimmed borders. In addition, the homepage showcases featured products aside from shopper feedback to help prompt users to buy. 

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Barron Designs

This home improvement firm makes it effortless for its online visitors to seek out the right item for them by adding a style quiz on the site’s homepage. Moreover, its homepage has a five-star icon that features the firm’s positive shopper feedback.

Beer Cartel BigCommerce websites

This craft beer shop’s homepage showcases featured products utilizing an intuitive, laid-back design, enabling effortless browsing. There is also an embedded Instagram feed as well as a rundown of the firm’s earned media placements.

In conclusion, we hope these well-designed BigCommerce websites are useful for your inspiration. To learn more, call us.

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