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Top 5 Online Marketplaces That Greatly Support Retailers

The Internet marketplace is a modern type of marketplace where customers can buy anything they wish at every time and everywhere.  Online marketplace not only benefits customers but also makes a great contribution to developing retail business. This is also the reason why more and more retailers transform their business into cloud space.

Yet, every digital transformation takes loads of time and effort. Businesses commonly find themselves reliable companions that can greatly help them thrive in this competitive market. Let’s take a look at some possible partners you may look for.


eBay was first launched in 1995 and sôn become one of the best online eCommerce sites worldwide. This marketplace is a great option for retailers that sell new and used items and are willing to auction them at a higher price.

eBay offers four pricing plans which are starter ($7.95 per month), basic ($27.95 per month), premium ($74.95 per month) and anchor ($349.95 per month)



Amazon is one of the most famous marketplace for online retail businesses. This marketplace is best suited for medium-sized to large retailers that want to significantly increase revenue and tackle an influx of customers at time.  

Amazon is known for it stricts item listing guidelines. Since  products on Amazon are standardized, customers tend to be more confident when making purchases.

Amazon marketplace costs businesses $39 per month and transaction fees are extra added.



Etsy is usually where customers look for unique items. That’s why this online marketplace is considered as the best option for small and medium-sized businesses. If retailers have just started their business and hope to raise public awareness of their products or brands, Esty offers them flexible and necessary tools to approach and retain potential customers.

The cost of Etsy is calculated depending on the number of items and pay transaction or payment processing fees for each sale.



This is the Japanese best company offering several benefits for online retailers. Rakuten is highly recommended for retailers that hope to expand businesses internationally. 

Rakuten enables retailers to customize their storefront in order to easily approach customers as well as set up their own privacy and return policy. 

Rakuten costs retailers $39 each month and a $0.99 transaction fee per item sold.



Alibaba is the leading B2B online marketplace worldwide. This platform offers various ways to verify the authenticity of the seller and also allows customers to leave their comments. Alibaba is also home to approximately 100 million products across 40 different categories.

Alibaba provides numerous services to retailers namely online fund transfer, mobile commerce, digital auction, e-commerce, and digital shopping, etc. These services have helped Alibaba become the most seamless platform for many trading services.


In conclusion,

Finding a suitable marketplace to support your retail business is never an easy task. The mentioned above options can somewhat help you develop your online store or even expand your business globally.

If you have any other great recommendations, feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

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