Top 7 POS system for convenience store Lana D April 19, 2022
Top 7 POS system for convenience store
convenience store POS system

Are you finding a convenience store POS system? In this post, we are covering the top 7 POS solutions for convenience stores. Check them out!


According to Google, more than 40% of customers favor BOPIS (short for buying online and picking up in-store). Therefore, the omnichannel approach is undoubtedly growing in significance in nowadays’ world. So, you should consider getting cloud ConnectPOS. This convenience store POS system has easy-to-use functions. Moreover, you will like its accuracy calculation. ConnectPOS has turned into a top choice for its omnichannel features. And one of its best features is AI facial recognition. When shoppers visit the store, this function lets sales staff have an idea of their information as well as their buying history. So, your sales staff can give the best recommendations to customers. Therefore, this can boost sales and shoppers’ satisfaction. 


This is another good point-of-sale system supplier, though you might not need some of its attributes for your business. One of its best features is stock control. As a cloud system, it allows you to use it from convenient devices such as a tablet. At times your staff needs to count stocks, they can bring a tablet with them for quicker & accurate updating. 


It is among the top convenience store POS systems. Yet, it is more suitable for larger business owners. In case you wish to utilize everything provided by this point of sale, be ready to take up challenges with learning. Customization is one of its best features. Its great menu-building functionalities will let you create a cool menu for the store. 


It is good for the retail sector as well as food service. One of the best features is this point of sale is not hard to use. Its UI may be excessively simple for establishments running food services. Yet, it may be enough for a convenience store.


If you are not familiar with the point of sale software, this convenience store POS system can be good to begin with. It is simple to set up; however, the upfront cost is not low. One of the best features is that this software lets you receive payments even when there is no internet connection. 

IT Retail as a convenience store POS system

It will suit independent grocers more. Yet, IT Retail has also improved the point of sale considering convenience stores’ needs. The open platform is one of the best features. The whole information gathered here is simple to export. Even in case the point of sale does not integrate with your 3rd-party control platform, uploading the information from IT Retail is still possible, 

POS Nation

POS Nation provides tools related to age verification. Moreover, it has good stock functions like perishables monitoring and so on. One of the best features is payment processing support. For your information, this software provides integrated payment processing.

In conclusion, a convenience store POS system like ConnectPOS will boost operational productivity and customer happiness as well as thrive your business. For more details, contact us

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