Simplify your belongings management with the best home inventory app Quinn T. May 4, 2022
Simplify your belongings management with the best home inventory app

Keeping track of items in your home can seemingly be a tedious and inconsequential process, but taking the time to evaluate and organize your inventory in your home is essential to keeping track of what you have and use them when needed. Using a home inventory app can help you organize your belongings and even calculate the total value of your property when you need to make an insurance claim. In this article, we bring you the best home inventory app that you can use for inventory management for your home.

Top 7 best home inventory app


ConnectPOS is the best home inventory app that helps you manage every item in your inventory. This app allows you to retrieve the location and identification of your essentials, thus helping you find them easily. This software is also extremely convenient when offering a 14-day free trial so you can experience and get acquainted before deciding to use advanced services.

Memento Database

Memento Database is an application that allows you to store anything you can think of in groups, items or categories with colorful icons that give your home inventory a more intuitive layout. You can search, sort, and filter items to make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in your home. Besides, you can add or remove information about individual items or objects. Memento is also synced with Google Sheets so you can organize and edit your inventory data outside of your smartphone. You can try this app for $3 a month.

Nest Egg

Nest Egg is one of the best home inventory app that allows you to manage the furniture in your house. You can take pictures of objects and scan barcodes to automatically retrieve information, which is a unique feature and can save you time. The application also has a feature that allows you to edit items in bulk instead of making changes one by one. Besides, it also gives you information like storage location, warranty expiration date and manufacturer information to help you set reminders about items that people borrow from you, as well as the item you borrowed. You can experience the app for $4.99.


MyStuff is one of the most thorough home inventory apps available. This application provides users with a space to record details about each object in the house. MyStuff allows you to add or remove items to your inventory manually or by scanning barcodes automatically. When you experience the free version, you also get access to all the Pro features for free to try them out. Once you pay for unlimited items, the pro features then become paid add-ons.

Magic Home Inventory 

Magic Home Inventory is an app that allows users to organize their home inventory across multiple properties and break down their home’s inventory by room, listing the location and adding a description and photo of each item. The advanced search feature the app offers will help you locate items easily. You can completely download and experience this application for free.

BluePlum Home Inventory

BluePlum Home Inventory is one of the best home inventory apps. With this app, you can sort items based on collection and “tag” them for easier searching. You can add photos, videos, receipts, manuals and other documents to each item list, or record the value of each item and track depreciation to accurately value items in your home at any given time. For example, if something in your home needs periodic maintenance, you can store that information in the app and receive reminder notifications.


Above are the best home inventory apps that you can try to simplify your belongings management.

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