Make inventory management painless with this top stock control app Quinn T. April 29, 2022
Make inventory management painless with this top stock control app

The use of stock control app helps businesses to be more proactive in using resources and allocating goods efficiently. Moreover, controlling stock by app also helps businesses and retailers limit human-caused material loss in warehouses. 

Therefore, we provide the top 6 stock control apps to help your business set up and support their stock control.

Top 6 best stock control apps

Multi Source Inventory (CPOS)

 The Multi Source Inventory (MSI) app by ConnectPOS is a great stock control app. This application allows businesses and retailers to conduct stock control easily with seamless inventory solutions and ready support. With this application, you can completely create, read, and update all products; allow product searching by barcode scanning; email users when products reach a safety threshold and record manual stocktake. You can fully experience this app for free within 14 days.

The best stock control apps

Stockpile by Canvus

Stockpile is an app that gives you a free experience to manage your stock. Stockpile has key features on its platforms such as basic inventory tracking with an unlimited number of users, goods and locations. With this Canvus app, you’ll be able to import and add inventory, track inventory counts, return items, and more. 


Veeqo is a fairly popular stock control app. This app is available for desktop, iOS and Android operating systems. Users can experience the software with different service plans with prices ranging from $48 to $1,250 per month. Veeqo allows synchronization with popular eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify and eBay. This app has some key features that make it possible to monitor stock remotely. It allows you to track multi-channel inventory at retail stores and websites; connect with shipping features to print labels, track parcels, and select barcode scanners for packaging sales.



Sortly is a stock control app available for desktop and iOS or Android operating systems. You can try this app completely free or apply the price from $ 49 per month for a more advanced experience. Sortly allows you to make any changes or updates to your existing stock control system. The main features that this app provides to users are product barcode lookup; scanner; inventory alerts and report options.

Inventory Now as a stock control app

Inventory Now allows users to try it out for free or experience features for businesses for $99 per month. Inventory Now has a simple interface, with barcode scanning that allows adding new products easily, importing and exporting information as a spreadsheet, and automatic backups. Inventory Now offers some features such as product lifecycle tracking; barcode scanner support; category details, subcategories and location view; the grouping of products; order tracking and invoicing.

Inventory Now


Fishbowl is a stock control app that allows users to try the app for free for 14 days. This application provides features to help you manage your stock such as: setting up a barcode scanner; omnichannel inventory and connecting CRM tools.


Stock control apps can offer many benefits to businesses and retailers in managing their warehouses and optimizing warehouse operations.

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