Top 5 best POS for WooCommerce business

With a trust WooCommerce POS system, you can effortlessly keep your business operations in check and drive sales. In this post, we shall recommend an ultimate list of the top 5 best POS for WooCommerce business this year.

WooCommerce POS by ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is one of the most popular cloud WooCommerce points of sale systems for omnichannel retailers. The brand is used by thousands of businesses and delivers robust and feature-packed POS solutions to generate a smooth omnichannel purchasing experience. Its WooCommerce POS comes with a variety of best features for you to optimize your business performance.

Some outstanding features:

  • Working well with mobile devices (Android and iOS) and PC (macOS and Windows) alike
  • Real-time sync
  • Working smoothly in both offline and online modes
  • Generating tons of insightful reports on HR, store, and sales performance
  • Accepting multiple currencies
  • Supporting multi-warehouse & multi-store management
  • Integrating with a lot of loyalty programs


wePOS is another best POS for WooCommerce that should assist you in improving the operation of your eCommerce store. More specifically, this intuitive system allows you to customize features, receive orders, and monitor your stocks in real-time.

Some outstanding features:

  • Being intuitive
  • Working with many printers
  • Accepting cash and cards
  • Supporting main payment gateways
  • Applying discounts to items in a breeze
  • Allowing you to view stocks in real time from the user interface
  • Collecting customer data
  • Barcode support

Point of Sale for WooCommerce

Point of Sale for WooCommerce is one of the most popular web POS solutions that allow any modern web browser to serve as a cash register. That is why you can manage purchases, customers, and items easily. It is ideal for retailers, beverage and food vendors, and market stalls. 

Some outstanding features:

  • No 3rd-party API interfaces
  • Giving multiple POS configurations
  • Creating sales reports
  • Supporting 3rd-party card terminals
  • Enabling barcode scanning
  • Enabling you to build many retail channels and keeping tabs on online shops
  • Rewarding customers with coupons and discounts

Best POS for WooCommerce: Square

Another option in this list is Square for WooCommerce. With this system, you can manage many sales channels easily and take good care of purchases, customers, and stocks. 

Some outstanding features:

  • Reporting features
  • Accepting payments via popular credit cards
  • Swift deposits
  • Compliance with PCI Level 1
  • Allowing you to manage several channels on a unified platform

Hike POS

It is another best POS for WooCommerce out there today. Thanks to Hike POS, business owners can manage and grow their businesses well. The system integrates smoothly with WooCommerce, which provides central access to your stocks, and customers, to name a few.

Some outstanding features:

  • Running both offline and online
  • Working well on every device
  • Supporting multi-store management
  • Accepting main payment gateways
  • Creating reports for both online and in-person sales
  • Applying discounts on specific items or total purchases
  • Automatically synced orders

In conclusion, we hope that you find the list of the top 5 best POS for WooCommerce business helpful in your quest for the one that supports you most effectively in your business growth. Please reach us for further information and help.

Lana D

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