Top 4 Magento Gift Card Extension In 2023 hungvd September 28, 2023

Top 4 Magento Gift Card Extension In 2023

Magento Gift Card Extension

A gift card is a prepaid card issued by retail stores and can be used to purchase within particular stores. Retail stores can release gift cards as promotional or marketing tools to raise awareness and grow sales. This is an effective way to engage with customers and encourage them to return to your stores. Understanding gift cards’ benefits to retail businesses, Magento offers its retailers various Magento gift card extensions. Let’s see which gift card extension is for your Magento POS.

Gift Card by Mageplaza

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The Mageplaza Gift Card extension for Magento 2 is a straightforward but efficient way to automatically create gift cards and generate gift vouchers. The designs of gift cards, as well as their usages, discounts, print-at-home forms, and other features, can all be easily customized by merchants.

Gift cards will be a significant motivator for generating sales and user engagement for any store throughout the holiday season or other special events. With the help of this plugin, creating gift cards will take much less time, and you can still give your clients a superb gift card purchasing experience.

Highlighting Features:

  • Mageplaza Gift Card PWA-ready
  • Drag and drop to design
  • Gift Card Design Made Easy
  • Gift Card Delivery
  • Convenient gift card usage

The cost of this extension for the Community Magento version is $199 and for Enterprise is $399.

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Gift Card by Aheadworks

Aheadwork’s Gift card is customizable and advanced to that provider retail stores with several card options including card design, delivery methods, balance tracking, etc. Aheadwork can support three types of gift cards which are virtual (sent to customers via emails), physical and combined (physical and virtual). Thanks to its rich customization, retail stores are able to set up the best suitable gift card programs for particular customer segmentation.

Some basic features of Gift card by Aheadworks are:

  • Setting up fixed or multiple card value
  • Customize personalized messages with gift cards
  • Send notification for recipient via email
  • Shows remaining balance and code statuses

Aheadwork offers Magento POS retailers two price plans which are Community ($279) and Enterprise ($599).

Gift card by MageWorx

MageWorx Gift Card is an all-inclusive extension that can simplify and personalize your gift-giving process since customers can purchase gift cards right on your online stores. MageWorx can provide emailed cards, print-at-home cards and sent-by-post cards with flexible pricing schemes and values. Also, using this extension, retail stores can create an unlimited amount of gift code and offer them in bulk. Additionally, the store owners can assign their gift card codes to different stores to sê gift card prices in different currencies.

 Key features of gift card by MageWorx

  • Flexible pricing scheme: fixed or predefined values, price range, etc
  • Generate multiple codes in bulk within a single click
  • Assign card codes to each local store view as well as a customer group
  • Import or export codes in CSV file
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Similar to AheadWorks, MageWorx has two pricing packages for Community and Enterprise Magento versions. The price for Community is $199 and for Enterprise is $398.

Gift card by Amasty

Gift cards by Amasty enable retailers to customize their gift cards for particular customer groups and allow them to make purchases, sales, or send to others. With this extension retail stores can also generate cards in bulk with fixed or multiple pricing. The price of each type of gift card and purchases made with cards can be monitored closely from the back end. Moreover, you can remind your customers of their card and expiration date by sending them personalized emails.

Some other features of Gift cards are setting multiple card types (printed, virtual or combined), setting a general lifetime of creating various eye-catching images

The cost of this extension for the Community Magento version is $299 and for Enterprise is $599.

Choose a Magento POS supporting gift card extension

As mentioned above, gift cards are a modern and convenient promotional tool in retail stores. And with the help of a handy POS solution, your gift card program can be much more effective. Take ConnectPOS as an example. 

This solution is not only compatible with every Magento version but also can integrate with the majority of Magento gift card extensions in the marketplace. Also, with the ability to automatically generate insightful reports on business performance, ConnectPOS supports retailers to create suitable loyalty programs with gift cards to particular groups of customers as well as with the emerging shopping trend in the market. As a result, retail stores can satisfy their customers and fulfill their changing needs, which will bring retailers more sales orders and strengthen their customer relationships.If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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