The one thing that stands between you and your dream restaurant: Food service license Lana D February 23, 2022
The one thing that stands between you and your dream restaurant: Food service license
Food service license

Serving dishes asks for more than creating great meals and beverages. Whether you start a restaurant, there is something you should do to see to it that your business is compliant. And the one thing that stands between you and your dream restaurant is a food service license. For more information about it, read this guide.


Food service licenses refer to permits needed for establishments to offer food made on-site. With it, your business successfully proves to have obeyed every necessary regulation to provide food safely to customers. And it also ensures that you have registered with the government. Below is an instance of this license issued by the Ohio Department of Health.


The fee of this license is from 100 to 1,000 dollars. The cost differs depending on how many seats there are in your restaurant, where your business is located, as well as how many staff there are in your establishment. 

How to obtain a Food Service License

Understand the applicable legal regulations 

Think about the overall laws in your country. It is worth noting that the drug and food processing regulations of the FDA are at the federal level. Also, understand local regulations. 

Make a permit application

The process of applying for it tends to differ based on where you apply. But generally, consider the local area’s specificities when you make the application. 

Overcome the Health Inspection

After this successful inspection, the business will be confident to state that it handles its food safely. The inspection has to do with looking into the temperature and location of food storage, restroom condition, and so on. 

Please note that there may be a cost for this procedure. The licensing cost does not include it. You will have the obligation to pay the fee when you arrange your appointment. Else, owe it when you ask for an inspection.

Another thing that stands between you and your dream restaurant: POS 


Aside from a food service license, you would need a POS system, preferably from ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS is a well-known point of sale solution provider. It offers advanced options and integrated filters for your dining business. It is quick to integrate every one of your crucial data into one user-friendly dashboard. You will get into the real-time data synchronization from your online and offline stores in a single place. 

What is more? This system works well with various devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows. It increases the accessibility of both offline and online procedures. ConnectPOS also provides a 14-day free trial.


For a lot of people, opening a restaurant and meeting people’s needs is a big dream of their life. To pursue that dream, you need a food service license. We hope the above guide helps you have a better idea of it. And equally importantly, consider investing in a POS system, for example, from ConnectPOS. Should you be wondering about how to open, grow, and thrive your dining business with ConnectPOS, feel free to call us


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