The glory of Target department store Steven P August 9, 2022
The glory of Target department store

The development of today’s economy is constituted by the success of many corporations and businesses. One of them is the famous department store group – Target. In this article, we would like to provide some information about the glory of the Target department store so that businesses can get their own experiences.

Overview about Target

The glory of Target department store

Target Corporation is a large retail group in the United States with more than 1,500 stores in 47 states. Target department stores have three main retail divisions, Target Stores, Mervyn’s, and Marshall Field’s. Target Corporation’s full-service department store division is noted for its contribution of 6% of revenue to the main corporation.

The product lines that Target offers in all the same areas as other major retailers are clothing, home appliances, sporting goods, toys, electronics, jewelry, personal health, and wellness products. personal and family, beauty,…

Target is promoting omnichannel transactions by investing in omnichannel shopping solutions and utilities for customers to help maintain its growth momentum to compete with leading US retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

The glory of Target department store

Target’s glory must be attributed to the strengths that the company brings to customers. With high quality and innovative products, products in exclusive collaboration with designers, many promotions, eye-catching stores and especially online retail-like prices are the main factors. These factors have directly hit consumer psychology, making Target’s brand known and preferred by many people to shop at these department stores.

The glory of Target department store

The revenue of Target department stores comes from the fact that they offer a wide variety of seasonal goods as well as a variety of other goods that meet the needs of most consumers. In addition, the company has diversified product sales channels: both online and in person, making Target’s sales at the top of the department store market. The group’s sales market share is also distributed fairly evenly, with no product segment outperforming others by any large margin. 

Notably, Target Corporation’s sales amounted to over $100 billion in 2021, making it one of the top US retailers. With plans to redesign and remodel the retail chain, along with a broader mix of customer-satisfying business practices, Target’s sales and growth are expected to continue to boom in the future.

What makes Target’s department stores successful?

What really makes Target successful is its grocery and home goods business, which helps drive consistently strong traffic to its stores.

Target’s department store has a wise brand identity design strategy with the slogan “Expect more, pay less”. Besides, Target always updates the fastest trends thanks to its omnichannel strategy. Target’s information and market information is always updated quickly making it meet consumer needs as best as possible. Along with that, store locations and traffic-driving categories are also factors that lead to the glory of Target.

What’s more, Target’s success is due to its strong adherence to brand values. Target’s marketing message remains focused on providing consumers with unique and classy brands but emphasizing more value. And the image of the corporation is always associated with social responsibility.


Thanks to its integrated planning and strategy, Target was successful and attracted more shoppers than its competitors. Contact us if you need help with your store.

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